Monday, February 20, 2012

Tote-ally Cute Bird on Branch

Welcome crafters!  I am excited to debut my FIRST EVER blog post for you today.  As I pondered what craft would amaze enough to stand as the FIRST post I could hear the gears turn in my head.  Sticky vinyl?  Iron-on vinyl?  Magnet sheets?  Paper?  I decided on my oldest and dearest material: fabric.  My mama loves the new bird trend (who doesn’t?) so I figured I would make a cute tote bag for her.  No worries for those of you who are non-sewers, I’ll show you how to do a fabric iron-on.  Alright, are you ready?  Let’s make a tote-ally cute bird on branch tote bag! (Play on words are fun aren’t they?)

You will need:
-Fabric of your choice
-Heat n Bond (adhesive backing)
-Blank tote-bag

As well as an iron & ironing board, and of course, your SILHOUETTE!



Iron the  backing to the fabric by placing the glue side of the Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the fabric (side you do NOT want showing.) If you are only using a partial sheet you may cut it down before ironing to save materials.

Plan your design (choose from the Silhouette Store or make your own) and cut it out.
*If you do not own a Silhouette, cutting out a shape will work about the same.


We’re almost finished.  Don’t you love how quickly this goes?  


Set the pieces where you would like them positioned on your tote bag, peel off the paper backing and iron for about 10 seconds.  If you feel it needs a few more seconds, go ahead.

 My design was layered so my ironing was done in 2 steps.

Finished Product:


Voila!  Now I’ve got a finished tote bag for my mama that she can use to hold books, a beach towel or all that yarn for her new crocheting addiction!

Hope you enjoyed this post and have gotten excited to make your very own tote-ally cute tote bag!  Happy Crafting!

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