Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Wooden Home Decor Blocks

Hello and a BIG thank you to those of you who came back to check out my real  Monday post.  You guys are the best!  I promised you that it was a good one and I even surprised myself with how well these turned out.  Even more exciting, I took pictures along the way so that you (yes YOU!) can make this at home!  Let's get started shall we?

- 3 wood blocks
- Paper designs (If you like my design, I've included free printables!)
- Paint & Paintbrushes
- Mod Podge
- Acrylic Spray Coating

{Step One: Sand the wood}
Sand the blocks so that they are smooth and easy to handle. I also like to sand down the edges and the corners to both round it out and give it that distressed feel.

 {Step Two: Paint the wood}

Paint the front of the block. There is no need to paint the middle since your paper will cover that. If you so choose, paint the sides of the block as well. I chose to partially paint it and create a sort of "smokey" look. These are, after all, going to be in the fireplace room! It is all a matter of personal preference here.

{Step Three: Sand it again!} 

If you want that distressed/rustic look, lightly sand the front edges again. Be careful not to take off all the paint! I have never been very good at distressing, but I LOVE the way these turned out.

{Step Four: Attach the paper}

Next, cover the back of your paper with Mod Podge and attach to the block. Start at one end and smooth as you lay it down, keeping any bubbles or bumps out of it.

Want this design? Here are some free printables for you!
Always be joyful
Never stop praying
Be thankful in all circumstances

If you're curious, this message comes from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 which says in full:
Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
{Step Five: Paint the paper edges}

We're almost done! Now, take a small paintbrush and add some paint to the edge of your paper (where it meets the wood). While it is still wet, smudge it with your finger, creating a distressed look. This is where it really starts to look neat!

{Step Six: Seal it up}

Using a clear acrylic coating spray, lightly spray the tops of the blocks. I don't know if this is necessary, but I chose to do it so that my ink and paint would not smear when I used Mod Podge. After letting that dry, cover the tops of the blocks entirely with Mod Podge to create a smooth and sealed up surface.

{Your Turn!}
I ended up LOVING this craft and am just tickled with how it turned out. I hope that I have given you inspiration to create your own at home! I would love to answer any questions that you have or to hear any feedback that you might have as well.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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  1. Great idea!!!I love it.
    Thank you for joining my DL.ART BCA/ANYTHING GOES Linky Party
    DIANA L.

  2. What a fab idea! It's looks great and the colour and thought that's gone into this is fantastic. I saw this on Sunday is fun day blog. Hugs xx

    1. Thanks Crafyhugs! I think it is one of my favorite projects (and that it was so easy to make was icing on the cake!) Thank you for stopping by and for the feedback. Feel free to take the printables and make your own. Have a great week :)

      Kelsie Ann

    2. Thank You very much :) may I ask what size are the blocks?

  3. I love this idea!! Definitely need to make some of my own with some of my favorite quotes. Great tutorial.

  4. Yes, please, can you tell me what size blocks? When I printed the graphics out, they came out in different sizes. Your blocks look about the same size to me. are these 2 x 5s? The graphics won't fit 2 x 4s. If you have a chance and can respond, I sure would appreciate it! Love this little project!

    1. HI there! My blocks are just shy of 5.5 x 4.25 (depth is 1.5) but the paper printout (on mine, I can't remember if I trimmed it down from the printable or not- I'm sorry!) is about 4.75 x 3.5. You can see between step 4 and 5 on the tutorial how the paper is smaller than the block and how I blended it to look like one thing. All blocks are the same size (and the printables should be! Hmmm...)

      I hope that helps!

    2. Hey Kelsie! Thanks for your response. I love this project! My only problem is that the
      "Be thankful in all circumstances" comes out 4 /2 x 6 at 100%. The other two come out at 3 3/4 x 5 at 100%. At first I thought perhaps it was me not printing it out correctly so I went back and double checked. Is it possible when uploading that particular block inscription the size got changed? Anyway to correct? I love the color and the only way to get it the right size is to reduce on the printer by 80% then it comes out a different shade than the others.

  5. I don't know if I'll see your response so please email me response at .. but what kind of paper do you print this on? Just regular printer paper ?