Thursday, November 15, 2012

Make Your Own Charm Bracelet (Using Buttons!)

Happy Thursday!  I don't know about you, but I love jewelry.  Not so much the expensive, wear all the time kind of jewelry (except my wedding rings of course)  but all of the fun jewelry that can be swapped out daily for different looks.  I have everything from vintage beads to a 3 inch roadrunner necklace (really).  I even have a replica of the "Heart of the Ocean" from Titanic, which I actually do wear out sometimes.

Although there is something to be said about running across a piece of jewelry that you love and never would have dreamed of making (i.e. roadrunner necklace), making your own jewelry can be a quick and easy way to create the exact piece that you desire.  So, today I will show you how to make a charm bracelet.  The best part?  You can use BUTTONS; no need to buy a slew of expensive charms from the store.

It is so easy, we wont need a full tutorial.  Let me just tell you a few things:


{1} Variety of charms, buttons, beads, etc.  I had a package of small charms (the ones hanging in the picture) that I used in between the bigger pieces.  Buying a pack of these might come in handy.  All the other pieces are vintage looking buttons that I already owned.

{2} Jump Rings.  A pack of these from the store will last you through several bracelets.

{3} Cable Chain.  I think that is what it is called.  Any chain that fits around your wrist and can be hooked to the jump rings will work.

{How to Make it}
Simply attach each charm piece to the bracelet by using the jump ring. I laid out the order I wanted the charms to be in before I began.

Wow... I feel like I should say more, but it is really that easy.  Open the jump rings using pliers or any similar tool, or if you're a toughie- open them with your fingers.

That is really all there is to it.  Now go off and make your own!

{Your Turn}
What sort of charms would you put on your bracelet? I went with a sort of vintage look, using mostly gold, silver, and bronze tones. See the little elephant at the bottom? That was my special touch (it is my favorite animal). You could make these for yourself, friends, even children. There are buttons and beads in a variety of themes that are bound to fit any request. Enjoy picking out your own charms and creating a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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  1. Great idea. I can't wait to try this. I have a tin full old buttons from my grandmother.


    1. Don't you just love old buttons? I am always buying them up at garage sales & even put them on my scrapbook pages! If you ever made the bracelet, I would love to see how it turned out.