Friday, October 18, 2013

Burlap Halloween Signs {Plus Halloween Party Ideas}

Can you believe Halloween is only 13 days away?  As I mentioned in my last post, I am running a tad behind on my decorating for the fall.  I LOVE Halloween and am a little disappointed in myself for not having my decorations up yet.  Since I needed to get on this and because a girl can never have too many decorations, I thought I would make a few new ones!  Check out these easy burlap signs:

One is cute and pun-ey, one is scary and one is traditional... a style for everyone and all situations! Each one uses different tools/materials as well, so there is something for everyone to make.

The wolf one was made using paint, the Silhouette (cutting machine) and heat transfer vinyl.

The shape is called "Howling Wolf" (ID #4085) and was made by Nathan Jenne.  This shape can be purchased in the Silhouette store.

Using the freezer paper method of stenciling (there are several tutorials online), I painted the yellow moon and then (once it was dried), painted the wolf on top of it.

I finished it up by cutting out my words from heat transfer vinyl and ironing it on.

For a crisper look and long life (burlap will unravel!) make sure to stitch along each edge.  Try to stay with the grain as best you can.  I also folded over the tops and stitched a "loop" into it, so that it cold be hung by a dowel rod.

Easy enough, right?

Next, I made a scary one for when we are not having little ones at the house!  I am a huge fan of horror and gore (who would have guessed it, right?) and had to include something like that into this craft!

The only materials I used on this one were paint and a paintbrush.  I thought that having the message written out in handwriting, instead of in a perfect stencil would look spookier.  For the hand print, I did what every child (and adult)  loves to do... stuck my hand in red paint and smeared it across the burlap!

This was also the only sign that I left without stitching (except to loop it at the top.)  This is because I wanted more of that torn "horror" look to it.  To achieve this, grab a hold of the threads and just pull it out as far as you like.

Are you brave enough to enter?  If not... let's move on to the next one.

I might love horror, but I am also a sucker for the classics.  Every house needs something pumpkin at it around Halloween and when I saw this design I was in love!

The shape is called "Stacked Pumpkins" (ID #21902) and was designed by Loni Stevens.  This can also be found in the Silhouette store.

Using the freezer paper stenciling method, I cut out my shape and then painted it!  Simple as that.

One of the many things I love about burlap is how painted designs look on it.  Crisp enough that the design is visible but broken enough that it has that rustic feel.

{Are you new around here?}
If you weren't a follower of Cut, Craft, Create last Halloween, check out this post for (over) FIVE fun and easy Halloween party ideas , including games, prizes and food ideas.  Don't be fooled by the picture, there are even more ideas on the post.  It also includes free printables, so check it out if you're having a party.

Click here to check it out!

{That's it for today}
I hope you enjoyed the new Halloween signs and are excited to make your own.  Which do you prefer?  Pun-ey, Scary or Traditional?  Although I thought I would like the scary one best, I can't help but love that adorable wolf!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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