Saturday, August 16, 2014

Big News + Giveaway!

Hello! Hello!  It's my first time back in a while and I wanted to do some explaining as to why I have been gone.  Sure, life is busy (isn't it always?) but there has been a lot bigger stuff going on lately...

Yep... I'm pregnant!  This picture was taken a few weeks ago but I'm a little over 30 weeks now.  Needless to say, my husband and I have been busy working hard to prepare for this new addition.  In our house, that not only means picking out a crib and painting a room. Ooooh no, it meant clearing out an entire room that has served as our "catch all" for everything we own that didn't quite have a place since we moved into the house.  It also meant cleaning and organizing (and attempting to develop a "be better at cleaning and organizing in the future" plan) every other room in the house so that we wouldn't fall into this messy trap again.

It's been busy.  But, it's been good.  We're finally getting things wrapped out nursery wise and I've been going through all the baby stuff that has been given to us already.  I have also gotten started on making some of the baby items that I knew I was able to make and prefer to just make myself.

That's why...

I'm doing a giveaway! 

While I'm over here making baby goods I might as well give some away to share some of this baby love that is just oozing all over the place.

I've been making burp cloths for years but just got started on these pacifier clips.  I'm also going to throw in a top-secret "surprise" gift as well!

Here's what you stand to win:

1. A burp cloth in the fabric of your choice.  My BC's are made with snuggle flannel (super soft), terry cloth (super absorbent) and are cushioned with a thin layer of batting in the middle.  They are finished with a top stitch along the edge and come in a variety of adorable fabrics!

2. A pacifier clip in the fabric of your choice.  These come with a standard mitten clip end and stretch cord elastic to attach to your baby's pacifier.

3. Surprise gift!  If you win, just let me know a few facts about the baby who will be receiving these gifts such as gender (if you know... we're not finding out with ours!) name, nursery theme or other color/patterns that will be common in the nursery.

{Patterns of burp cloth}
I have a variety of snuggle flannel at home that you can choose from if you win.  Here are a few "themes" I have already made:

 Seriously, how cute are these little foxes?  Although this is not our theme, I think we have registered for at least half a dozen fox themed items so far.  Plus- they're wearing scarves... adorable!

My husband coaches track and helps out with cross country as well.  Although I'm only a runner if some wild animal is chasing me for food (seriously... no running here), I thought it would be cute for baby S. to sport some runner love while we hang out at meets with daddy.

There's also fun prints (check out the fun colors in this science-y print!) and classic beauty prints.  I love that creme with gold dots so much I bought several yards of it.  I plan to make a blanket for the baby out of it- simple and perfect.

Here's a few more prints that I have that you can choose from as well:

 Some nature love, puppy love or the ever-classic dinosaur!

...ooooor any of these.  We've got woodland critters, bugs in jars, all boy, purple chevron, under the sea, sketch animals, blue and green dino, animal friends and brown animal party.

Each burp cloth has a terry cloth backing.  Depending on the snuggle flannel you choose, the back color may vary.  If you specifically want white over a brighter color (like pink, blue, green, etc), please let me know.

{What about the pacifier clip?}

If you are interested in one of the above snuggle flannel prints, I would be happy to make a pacifier clip out of any of them, just keep in mind that the large prints will be too big to see!  Otherwise, let me know a color or pattern that you like and I will do my best to find a correlating fabric.

Loving that orange leaf fabric? It's the same fabric my mom used when she made some adorable booties for our "pregnancy reveal" photo! Since we don't know the gender and our baby is born in the fall, what better than some orange, creme and brown leaves?!

Excuse the color difference. The reveal photo above was edited with a filter on it. Thanks again mom!

{Enter to WIN!}
Enough of my talking, let's get to the giveaway! Use the widget below to enter the contest. Remember that for every task completed you earn and extra (or 2 extra) entries, so complete them all for the best chance of winning!  A few of the options can be done EACH DAY so don't forget to come back every day this week. Contest ends on Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 12:00 AM EST. The winner will be chosen on Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 5:00 pm EST by the random generator at I will attempt to contact the winner within 24 hours to claim their prize. If no response is found, a new winner will be chosen on Wednesday August 27, 2014. No purchase necessary and the contest is open to anyone. Personal information will not be sold or shared.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann


  1. One of my good friends just had her second baby, and I would love to send them these gorgeous handmade items to celebrate.

  2. One of good friends is 12 weeks pregnant and I would love to give this to her for the baby!

  3. Just had a co-worker have a beautiful baby girl named Georgia Grace - would love to give this as a gift :)
    Thank you!

  4. i have a good friend who is expecting so this would be really cute for her!

  5. Pregnant with my first... so for me. :)

  6. I would give it to my sister, she is expecting her first little one :)

  7. I'd keep it for my little one who is due in another month

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