Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hand Print Tree Skirt {A Christmas Tradition}

Did everyone have a good Christmas/holiday? Five celebrations later, we are finally settling back into a routine and figuring out where in the world we can fit all of my son's toys (spoiled much?)  This post will be brief but I need to share it with you before you start packing away the Christmas decorations.

It's fast and easy to do and it's a great way to preserve this moment in time for just a little longer...

For years we've had this generic tree skirt.  I've considered making a new one (I love those burlap and red fabric ones that are ruffled!) but as are many of my craft project plans- it gets pushed aside for more pressing projects.  This year it hit me what we should do... and it's way better than any ruffled tree skirt.

Starting this year, I'm adding my children's hand prints all around the tree skirt.  Think how amazing this will be in 18 years when I can look down and compare my almost-adult child's hand print to his sweet toddler one.  I only wish I had started this on my son's 1st Christmas.  Oh well... you live you learn.  That will be one thing that baby #2 will have from the start.

- A basic solid color tree skirt
- White (or green or whatever color you want) Acrylic Paint
- 3D Fabric Paint

Step 1:
Paint your kid's hand.  I found that my son was much more willing to participate when I let him paint it himself and I just filled in any missing spots.

it also made him really happy so that's always good...

Step 2:
Press child's hand onto the tree skirt (or let them do it if they are old enough not to finger paint the entire thing!)

Step 3:
Using 3D paint, write your child's name and age around the hand print.

Step 4:
Set aside and allow time to dry.  In the meantime, let your child go nuts with the paint.  I consider this a reward for playing along with mommy's craft project plans.

Start this project now before you pack away that tree skirt for another year.  After all... they grow so fast, don't let that little hand print slip away!

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