Sunday, March 5, 2017

MAM Anti-Colic bottles {review}

If you follow us on facebook (if you don't, you really should) then you may have seen my announcement about how Target stores are now carrying the Anti-Colic bottles by MAM.  I really wanted to go into why I recommend these bottles so that you didn't just see the announcement and move on. So... from one mama to another- here's the low down on these bottles:

{Disclosure:  I have received free product from MAM for the purpose of this review.  However, all opinions are my own and I actually owned the vented base MAM  bottle prior to this review so I really do use and trust them!}

A little background on myself:
I have two kiddos- a son who is nearly 2.5 and a daughter that just turned a month old.  I am a very-pro-breastfeeding mama who is very careful about not doing anything that might jeopardize being able to breastfeed.  With my son I took 3 months FMLA after he was born and then went back to work for a few months before leaving again to become a stay at home mom.  During my time back at work I would pump and my mom (who watched him) would give him bottles.  We only used MAM bottles.   For the remainder of his bottle-using time, whenever someone else would watch him, he would drink from our MAM vented-base bottles.

Now that my daughter is a month old, I feel comfortable taking a few hours away to go on a "date" alone with my son.  Of course, we wanted to make sure that she would take a bottle before I left so we gave her the MAM anti-colic bottle a try and she took right off!

{Here's a good look at the front design of the bottles.  These new ones have 2 sides- one design and one to measure!}

Why MAM?
Mam was the first pacifier my son took and in turn the only pacifier he would take so I figured he would like the bottles as well.  MAM is also known for using it's patented silk nipple on it's bottles and pacifiers which 94% of babies accept and makes transitioning from breast to bottle easy because of the feel and "flat" shape. (Which, like I said was a BIG deal for me)

MAM bottles are also super easy to use.  They easily twist apart into 6 pieces which can be washed in the dishwasher, boiling water or by using MAM's 3 step self-sterilizing instructions. (psst.. the pacifiers also self sterilize in their container)

{So easy to use my toddler could help feed his baby sister.  And boy, was he SO proud to do so!}

Why use anti-colic?
Neither of my babies had trouble with colic.  They did however both have trouble with taking in too much air when they drank.  My son is a gulper- whether on the breast, bottle or even sippy cup- and my daughter although she doesn't mean to gulp has trouble keeping up with an active letdown while nursing.  Over time I have found positions and tricks that help with this but because my babies were used to drinking this way from the breast, I wanted to find a bottle that would lessen this problem if possible.  *Enter MAM anti-colic bottles*

MAM Anti-Colic bottles are made with a vented-base.  This means that the bottom of the bottle has holes that help regulate pressure which prevents air from getting gulped down into babe's tummy when s/he drinks.

(Above) How the vented base looks with the rubber part in.
(Below) How the vented base looks underneath the rubber.

These awesome bottles come in both 5 oz and 9 oz sizes (we have both and like them each for different uses) and a variety of colors/designs.  The gold bunnies and blue foxes are my favorites!

Like I said, these are the only bottles I have used with my children for the last 2.5 years and I personally recommend them to anyone.  I would like to say something that I don't love about them to balance out this review but honestly I love everything about them.  We are a huge MAM family and as an active breastfeeding proponent, I love MAM products.  Of course, you don't have to be a  breastfeeding mama to love these bottles (or a mom of a baby with colic) that's just a few of the reasons why I personally advocate for these.

...and hello, they are available at Target now!  I need to go back there anyways to shop for that summer swimsuit! (come on, warm weather!)  Okay... and we all know I'll probably come out of the store with a few additional items- darn you dollar bins! #dontjudgeme

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  1. We also use MAM bottles. My son loves it. And it's sooooo much easier to clean than Dr. Brown's bottles, which we used with my first son. We are happy with MAM bottles.