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Stuck On You {product review}

Growing up with the name Kelsie (spelled "ie" instead of the more common "ey") I struggled to find any sort of product with my name on it.  Anything from touristy vacation junk to fancy jewelry... if my name was available you can bet it was with an "ey".  This is course made me want it even more badly, so I eventually became obsessed settled for monogrammed items with a simple "K".  The older I got I found some companies that did personalized details on the spot but they were hit and miss on the quality of the products.  Needless to say- I appreciate a good custom name product.

[Disclaimer: I have received free product from Stuck On You in exchange for an honest review of the products.  All opinions are my own and I only review products that I have personally tried and approve of.]

That's why I was tickled to see this company made up entirely of personalized name products!  #ohmyheart.  Even better- they have a TON of different products to choose from.  I even found that they have a slew of products that actually help me stay organized.  Boy, do I need that.  Because I wanted to try out a range of items so I got something for myself, for my toddler and for my baby.    Here's what I found:

A few things about the company:
- It was founded by Carrie Felton more than 20 years ago when she needed to label her first child's belongings for daycare...Stuck on You has since grown and expanded to offer personalized backpacks, water bottles, lunch bags, bento boxes, bag tags, hats, stationery, gifts, puzzles, onesies, bibs and so much more.
You read that right. 20 years.  Apparently it was around when I was searching for some cool Kelsie with an "ie" stuff!

- They have an amazing Back to School section of products.  Everything from bags to lunch boxes, labels, apparel, stationary & more. They even have pre-made value packs that are divided by need (camp, pre-school, 5+ age school, baby, etc), design and theme (like "emoji" or "year of the rooster")

- Their purpose is to:
   > Celebrate the individuality of every name (whoot whoot.  Kelsie with an "ie")
   > Bring joy to new parents with unique, timeless products for every child.
   > Save families time, energy and money.
   > Prevent lost property and arguments over children's belongings.
   > Help families kickstart a more organized life with clearly labeled kitchen, linen, cupboards and wardrobes. (I plan to take advantage of this once I figure out how I want to even begin!)

Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle
Let's start with the baby.  My son has a name puzzle so I thought my daughter might like to have one someday as well.  They have different options available in this style depending on the length of your name.  Although she is only 6 months old, she seems to like it already!

Why I love it: - The knobs stick up and are really easy to grab (she can easily grab them herself).
- The colors are very pretty. I only wish the white was a little easier to read.
- The wood is surprisingly sturdy and it feels like it could withstand play despite being thinner.
- I love that it comes with a felt cover (which can also be personalized!) and that once it's in the cover, you can stand it upright and the pieces don't fall to the bottom.

{Bright, crisp colors and smooth edges!  Note:  Many of the letters are too small for unsupervised play though- especially with a 6 month old.  It does include a sticker warning about chocking hazards so please parent responsibly!}

{Felt case keeps everything together and easy to transport and store}

How it could be better:
- I wish the white letters were a little easier to read. With the light wood behind it and the knob in the middle, some letters are harder to read. Close up though, this isn't a problem at all!

Mini Book Bag
Okay, my son isn't in school yet but he loves the idea of going to school.  Plus- who doesn't love having their own personalized backpack to carry all your goodies in?

Why I love it: - They allow you several ways to personalize it. You pick the size (I chose the mini), color, design, personalization and even the font that the name appears in!
- It has plenty of space for several items to fit inside it.
- The zippers are easy for little fingers to grab.
- It comes with adjustable straps to fit your child perfectly.

Check out this short video of me giving a closer look at all the awesome details in this bag!  
(links safely to the blog's facebook page. I could not for the life of me get the video to load on this post! Sorry!)

How it could be better:
- I would love to see more color options in the future! I chose the Seafoam Green (which I love) but it was the only non "blue or pink" option available.  Maybe also more "big boy" designs, although I do really love that tee-pee.

Next up is their pack of 11 brightly colored markers.  I got these for my toddler who loves to draw! Verdict:  They are a hit.

Why I love it: - The markers are GREAT quality.  Sometimes drawing products that aren't the "well known brands" aren't great quality but these markers are amazing.  The color is so vibrant and they draw smoothly.  I was so pleasantly surprised by this.
- Each marker has 2 ends: a "fine point" and a broader point.  Twice as much fun!
- The caps on the 2 different ends are the same. Why does this matter? Because my toddler can put the caps back on whichever end without creating a meltdown from it just being a little off. Thank You Stuck On You. Seriously.
- They allow you a ton of space to write your name.  I only had "Russell" written on it but they allow for enough characters that I could have done his first, middle and last name (which is not short!) with room to spare!
- They come with their own plastic bag/case that can be re-closed and used for tidy storage. I.E. no loose markers everywhere.

{Colors are vibrant and great quality!}

{Skinny design makes it easy for little hands to hold}

{Each marker has a fine point and a thicker point for double the fun!}

How it could be better:
- Nothing.  Literally nothing. These are amazing.  Maybe if it came with some magic that transformed my toddler into a person who remembered to put the caps back on when he was finished.  No?  Okay then nothing.

Weekly Desk Planner
I'll be honest, I apparently didn't read the title because I thought this was a monthly planner and was surprised at how small it was.  Then I realized that it was a weekly planner and thought "oh, that gives me lots of room to write my plans!" So... in reality it's not what I expected but it's actually better (and apparently I need more sleep because I missed the word "weekly" right in the title!) #momlife

Why I love it: - It's a weekly planner. I love that it's size fits right on your desk and this layout gives you SIX squares to use for each day!  I like to fill in my specific plans (like appointments) in black, things that need to be done anytime that day in pink and "get it done as soon as you can fit it in" stuff in blue.

- It has a space at the top for you to write what dates that calendar page spans.
- The design is super cute. When you order you can pick your personalization (and like the markers it allows for many characters), the font and the design.  The calendar also comes in your chosen design in 2-3 different color schemes so that it's different from the week before.

How it could be better:
- I wish it came with an option to hang or stand up on it's own. Even one of those little pop out tabs on the back would be great.  I do so much moving around on my desk that laying it flat will either result in it being covered up or torn.  It is sturdy enough to be propped up against the wall on it's own though!
- I also wish that it ran Sunday-Saturday (It's Monday-Sunday).  That almost gets me every time I go to fill out a new week!  Although this setup is nice for easily filling out whole weekend plans as one note.

Here are some products I didn't try but am totally in love with:
Lunchboxes when my kids are in school I'm coming back for these.
- Allergy Tags & Stickers [as far as I know] my kids don't have any common food allergies (only kiwi... weird huh?) but boy would these be amazing for kids that do! They include the child's name, allergy and even a picture in bright, clear images that are easy to spot and read.
Reward Charts Cute design- check. Child's name right on the chart- check.  Stickers to apply that track the child's progress- check. 
Diaries Private journals are so important to growing youth and having one with your name on it seems so special and personal.  I would have LOVED this as a kid (aaaand okay, I love it now).
Wooden Baby Blocks These are absolutely beautiful.  You receive the blocks that spell out your child's name but I would love to see them just sell a full alphabet set (with the option for duplicates so you can spell your child's name with repeating letters)

Overall, I'm very impressed with this company and all that they have to offer.  I think I've only begun to scratch the surface of the organizational possibilities and once I quit being a hot mess get better at being organized, I think I could really get into the labeling side of this as well! Which is your favorite product?

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