Thursday, August 24, 2017

DIY Apron in minutes!

As we continue our "play kitchen" themed posts, I HAD to share this easy DIY with you.  I'll be honest, this was a gift from mamaw (my mom) but it's so easy that I can tell you how to do it in 3 simple steps.  Better yet?  It's totally customizable! Pick the color, pick the design, pick the name, pick the fabric print! The options are endless! Even better yet? It doesn't have to be just for play.  Let your kiddo(s) wear it while they help in the real kitchen or... make one for yourself!

DIY Apron in Minutes!

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Step 1: Buy a blank apron.

I'm not sure exactly where she purchased this one but a quick amazon search will bring you to a wide variety of options. This one comes in several bright colors for under $5 a piece or you can snag this 12-pack of assorted colors for under $9.  (the assorted pack is more the style of our apron and I love it. I might have to buy this and make some more aprons for my daughter and their friends!)

Step 2: Add a name/design

Using your Silhouette (or pre-made heat transfer letters if you don't have a Silhouette) design your name and cut out from heat-transfer vinyl. You may also add a design under the name for a little extra something.  These can be purchased for personal use in the Silhouette Store, or create your own. [Don't forget to mirror your design when working with HTV before cutting or your letters will be backwards!]

Step 3: Make a pocket.

Using any spare fabric that you have (or go buy some new) make a basic square shape.  Fold under the edges and sew onto the front of your apron for a finished look.  My mom got this fabric because it matched well with the blue apron and it was 'cooking' themed but my son is OBSESSED with the avocado on it (he loves avocado and guacamole!) so good job mamaw!

That's it! Seriously.
It's crazy easy and super fast. I think I'm going to buy that 12-pack of different colored aprons and make several of these for my son's little friends. Russell wears his almost every time he plays in the play kitchen (which is about 467, 842 times a day) and loves it so much.  Well worth the few bucks and couple minutes I'm sure it took to make.  What would yours look like?

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