Monday, January 22, 2018 Review & Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Just the other day I was talking with a friend about Valentine's Day.  The topic came around to whether or not we celebrate with our spouses.  My husband and I do not but I love celebrating it with my little loves- my kiddos. It's fun creating valentines and sending them to grandparents and I especially love the perfect excuse to simply tell my kids all the reasons I love them and have fun celebrating that.  So with Valentine's Day coming up, I want to share with you a very special piece of jewelry I had made to remind me always of my little loves. Oh... and we're giving one away too, so make sure you stick around to enter!

[Disclaimer: I have received free product from in exchange for an honest review of the products.  All opinions are my own and I only review products that I have personally tried and recommend.]

Here's the thing: I'm obsessed with pictures. I take hundreds of photos a month and I can lose hours of my life looking through old photos on facebook. I love them. Every photo has a memory attached to it and looking at those photos makes my heart so full. That's reason #1 why I love this bracelet. I can literally look down at my wrist whenever I want and be flooded with the beautiful memory behind the photo.

Before I get into what I love and don't love about this product, let me quickly tell you what it's all about:

> The company is called and it's exactly what it sounds like.

> This company makes a variety of products including lockets, sports jewelry and medical IDs. Today however, I want to focus on the product I have, the Sterling Silver Women's Adjustable Round Photo Engraved Bracelet:

> Items can be engraved with a message, names, dates or even a monogram! (Engraving doesn't delay your shipment either!)

> Picture Engraving is scratch and water resistant and included in the price. 

> These bracelets are adjustable and "one size fits all"

> All Sterling Silver is protected with a tarnish resistance to help it last for years without tarnishing.

My thoughts on it:

Now let me continue my thoughts. I already said that I love that it's a wearable photo. However, I'm also very impressed by what they do with the photo. I sent them a picture taken with my cell phone (and not a good cell phone at that!) and they had no problem using it.  They also remove any background from your photo free of charge! Even though I had seen that on their website I didn't think about it until mine came in and I'm so happy to see the focus being on me and my children and not all the hospital stuff in the background. The image is also color laser engraved so it's not just a picture on top of the charm but actually a part of it.

Here's the original photo that I sent:

And here's how it looks on my bracelet:

Cool, right?  They can also remove marks on your photos and other objects that you don't want in your photo (all free of charge.) That's very cool customer service.

Reason #2 why I love this is because it's adjustable!  I have the smallest wrists known to man kind and every single bracelet I own is terribly loose on me. Seriously, I have to punch new holes in my watches, they're that small. This is adjustable by pulling the rounded box chain through the larger ball piece.  This means that you can stop it at just the right size- no jumping up or down a notch and having to settle.

I tried to get a photo to show what the inside of the larger ball bead looks like. There is a piece of clear plastic or rubber (I can't tell) inside of it that keeps the chains from scratching each other. I can actual feel how "smooth" it pulls through as I adjust it.  I personally like this because I feel more confident that it's going to hold up after repeated use.

Reason #3 why I love it? It's dainty but sturdy. I'm not a fan of bulky chains on jewelry that I wear frequently, especially jewelry that I want to wear when going out somewhere nice. However, I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old so my delicate stuff is always in danger.  Although the chain is very thin in appearance, it's a box chain so it's definitely more durable that many of my others and I love this!

[Here's a peek at the customized engraving on the back too.]

The disk charm with my photo and engraving on it is also very thin but sturdy. I actually tried bending it in the middle with my thumb because I thought it looked thin enough to bend but it didn't budge!  And I pushed really hard! I'm very impressed with the durability in this product.

There's only one small problem that I have with it. On the website it says that the bracelet fits a 6-9 inch wrist. Honestly, it can adjust small enough to fit around a sharpie marker but mine only adjusts to about 7.5 inches at it's largest. This is plenty big for me but if you feel like you would be pushing the limits- message them and ask that they make it just right for you. I've read a multitude of reviews from others that sing their praises about customer service so I am sure they would be more than happy to oblige if you are concerned. I know... a complaint that they would easily fix for you isn't much of a complaint is it? That's all I've got!

Enough talk, here's a giveaway widget so you can enter to win one just like mine (with your own photo and back engraving of course). And if you want to do some additional shopping, make sure you use the code: val10 (that's like Victor, Alpha, Love then the number 10) and get 10% off your purchase! Boo-ya!

This giveaway is for a Sterling Silver Women's Adjustable Round Photo Engraved Bracelet from This bracelet includes a photo of your choice on the front and an engraved message of your choice on the back (valued at $79.95)

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  1. This is such a lovely bracelet, I know the exact picture I would use and it's pretty similar to yours! Love!

    1. It's hard to beat a photo like that, isn't it? <3 <3 <3 Good luck mama!

  2. This bracelet is awesome! I know the exact picture I’d use. It would be the picture of the first time I was able to hold my son in the nicu. He was born at 33 weeks via emergency c section. He’s a tough little man💜

  3. I’d get it for my daughter with a picture of my grandson.

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  5. I would love this for my daughter in law. How cool!

  6. Id have a picture of my kids with a quote or short scripture about kids engraved on the back.

  7. I would get a picture of my newborn baby girl and I would engrave Emilia Rose

  8. I'd get my grand-babies!

  9. You know, I entered hoping to win one for myself then I remembered my friend who lost her first grandbaby to cancer last Nov. I would give this to her.

  10. This is so cute! I have a great picture of the girls I could use. ❤

  11. You know, I entered hoping to win one for myself then I remembered my friend who lost her first grandbaby to cancer last Nov. I would give this to her. best towels at bed bath and beyond , hp 15.6 business backpack price