Sunday, January 27, 2019

Valentine's Canvas with Paint & Photo [Kids DIY]

I love home decor that can be easily swapped out for the different seasons/holidays without much thought.  If you saw my post about making a silhouette design from your child's art, you have an idea of the 5x7 wall hanging I have on each side of our door frame between rooms.  I've since decided to swap those out (the silhouette ones being the "most of the time" decor) during special holidays or events.

And since I have about zero Valentine's decor (I've never been much of a Valentine's girl but as I get older I'm starting to appreciate celebrating love in all forms including kids, friends- Galentine's Day etc.) I needed something made fast!  Seeing as my kids are my favorite artists, I opted to let them decorate for me.  So I gave them some 5x7 canvases and here's what we came up with...

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Here's what you'll need:

- 5x7 canvas
Acrylic Paint
- Dimensional pieces (such as lace, ribbon, fringe, felt or these cute heart shaped pony beads)
Hot glue gun
- (optional) glitter!
Wooden heart cutouts
- A photo of your child

How to Make it:

Let your kids (or you!) go nuts.  Paint your design on the canvas, however you'd like.  As soon as it dries, use the hot glue gun to attach the dimensional pieces.  If your kids are little, adult help is required during the hot gluing!

 Keep in mind that you'll be gluing the wood heart in the center so be sure not to place the "lumpy bumpies" in that space. I set the heart on the canvas (not attached) to help keep us from doing this.

After everything is set- grab the photo of your child and using the wood heart to trace, cut out their sweet faces in a heart shape.  Using the hot glue again, adhere the photo to the wood heart cutout.  Then glue the heart (with photo on it) to the center of the canvas.  Easy peasy. 

I know you totally didn't need directions on how to do that but I wrote them anyways.

Now hang them up and enjoy!  I am absolutely in love with all the textures on these.  It's something a little different than a regular painting.  Plus it has photos of the kids on it, so that's always a winner for this mama!

...and another peek of them hanging up.  Gah, I want to paint the room so badly. Anyone else think this is the worst color yellow ever? Makes our house look so drab.

My daughter feels a lot of pride for them and even herself took some photos of them while I was prepping for this post.  Or maybe she just really loves her brother. (tee-hee-hee)


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