Friday, August 30, 2019

DIY Felt Cookie Decorating Set

We love imaginative play.  Anything where my kids can use their creative little minds to develop stories in their day is a "win" in my book. One of our favorite spots is the play kitchen my husband built for them. Within it, we have a variety of felt foods- including pastascookies and even seasoning salt! Okay... I'll admit. I may be a felt addict.  When we've hosted play dates before, my son's best friend really enjoyed playing with all of these fun foods.  So when her birthday was coming up, I asked him what we should get for her.  His answer? "Felt cookies!" 

It was so sweet of him to remember that she liked those, I had to do it. Of course, I also had to go all out.  I made some changes to the interchangable top cookies that I had made for him a while back (I opted not to put velcro on them because I've found through experience that it sticks to parts of felt you don't want it to!) and I added a few new fun 'toppings'.  Then we finished it off with a "cookie sheet" and spatula/flipper for even more play!

Each cookie (and the remaining 'dough sheet' is made from 2 pieces of felt sewn together.  The really awesome thing about felt is that unlike most sewing projects, you don't have to turn it after sewing because the edges won't fray. So just sew along the outline to keep the pieces together and that part is done!  I used a rotary cutter to easily cut out the circle, flower and heart shapes without compromising the cookies or the dough.

As for the tops of the cookies, simply cut 1 piece of felt in the same shape as your cookie and then hot glue your icing, chips & sprinkles on top!

As you can see, the cookies can be removed from the dough and the decorative tops can be removed from the cookies for multiple levels of play!  I'll admit, I really enjoy playing with these and I'll be 30 this year.

For decorating fun, I made a vanilla and chocolate icing bag and using an empty bottle of sprinkles, created a custom "sprinkles" bottle for the birthday girl.  Since she loves all things "Ninja Turtles" we made sure that a few of the cookies had green icing and sprinkles in the 4 colors of Ninja Turtle outfits!

For those wondering, the cookies/decorations are:
- Chocolate chip
- Cranberry white chocolate chip
- Ninja turtle icing & sprinkles
- Chocolate swirl icing
- White chocolate icing (on both heart designs)

My son really enjoys using the icing bags to decorate the cookies.  Check out this darling video of him "testing it out" before we wrapped it up to gift.  Turn the volume up and hear adorable sound effects of icing squirting out! *ahhh kid, you hold my heart*

Happy crafting & happy pretend play!  What kind of cookies would you make?  

{Yea, I realize this photo is ridiculous. Who pulls the spatula, icing bags and sprinkles out of the oven?!  Someone who didn't pay attention until editing, that's who *ahem.. me* }


  1. I love your blog. You always come up with great ideas! I binge read your blog when my kids let me.

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