Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sorry for the Absence

A BIG hello to my fellow crafters out there!  I was working on a good routine, getting a project loaded a week and then I just f.i.z..z...l...e....d.  Since I am currently a college student, living in an apartment with three other women, there is not a lot of room for extra crafty materials.  It's not too bad however, because now if I want to craft I get to go home and create with my mama (not too shabby of a deal.)  Anyways, my weekends have been so busy lately with wedding preparation that I haven't had time to craft with my mom.

So... I wanted to apologize for being so absent on this blog.  I am dreaming of the day when I live in my own house, with my own craft room (my fiance has already started setting one up in our future home) and am able to craft in my down time instead of rushing to create on the weekends.  I do have a variety of CUTE creations that I have made recently, but they are all for the wedding, so pictures are on lock down until the big day!

Until then, be patient with me.  I promise that soon there will be new posts with actual crafts, not just my lame excuses!  To keep you hanging on, here's a sweet gift that my mama made for me a while back & sent to me at school:

You can find the flower image in the Silhouette Store.  Notice the sweet heart brads in the middle of the "love you"?  I love brads, I love these flowers and I love sweet surprises from my mom!

What craft would you like to see next?

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