Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sweet Gifts for a Baby Girl

Hi.  My name is Kelsie and I am addicted to baby stuff!  That's right, whether it is going a little out of my way to walk through the baby section at the store, or stopping at the fabric store just one more time for snuggle flannel, I cannot help myself.  Lucky for me, I know a TON of people who are having babies.  My fiance's best friend and his wife just had a beautiful baby girl and he's going to visit them this week, so I made a few little things to take with him.

I think I own about every pattern of snuggle flannel known to mankind... nevertheless, I stopped by the fabric store to check out their selection (again).  Lucky for me because they had some new prints AND they were on sale!

Anyways, here are some burp cloths I made for them.  I've made about a dozen others for a family member this winter (twin girls- twice the fun!) so I'm starting to get the hang of it.  Trust me, once you've done a few, they go a lot faster.  HINT: It also helps to just cut out one and then use it as a pattern for the others.  Measuring takes up WAY too much time!

Here is the finished product:

I used that heart print for the twins already and the other two were new ones.  When I found the floral design (on the right) in the store, I about squealed out loud!  I had rub-ons at home in that exact same pattern!  I had to buy it.

Of course, I had to make a tag with a matching rub-on (check out the blue butterfly).  Isn't that awesome?

To finish them up, I rolled them up like snuggly little eggrolls! 

This was the first time I used the creme color terry cloth and I just love it!  So dainty looking, perfect for this perfect little girl.


Thought I was done, didn't you?  I couldn't stop with the burp cloths and had to make one last thing for baby Addie (I promise, only 2 pictures this time).

When I asked the father what the "theme" was for the baby room, they said that there wasn't one, but that the mother likes pigs (at least, I THINK I remember him saying this... if not, oops!) so I wanted to make a pig onesie:

I found an image of a pig online and copied it to my Silhouette, which I also used to cut out the letters for her name.  I used cotton fabric and heat n bond to attach it.  Quick and easy but oh-so-cute! 

Here's a close up:
I love the way both projects turned out and I hope that they like them as much as I do.

In two weeks I've got a baby shower for a boy (new territory for me)... what should I make?

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