Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Fun Little Guessing Game!

As I have said before, I have been working on a lot of DIY wedding stuff lately.  Well, I am *almost* ready to reveal one of the projects to you.  Until then, I thought I would give you a little hint. 

Obviously, this is not one of those hidden pictures where you have to figure out what it is, rather it's clear as day.  Here's the catch:  I am not telling how it's being used!

Here is your job: Look at the picture below and try to figure out how the pieces are being used.  OR How you would use them.  Would you use pieces like this for your own craft? 

Comment below and tell me what you think it is or how YOU would use it!

Within the next week I will post the finished product.  I can't wait to hear everyone's guesses and hear any new ideas that you have!

Excuse the beat up coffee table- remember I live in a college apartment!  These squares are made of a "rustic" cardstock and measure less than an inch each.  For the sake of fun, imagine that they have anything printed on them (for your own creative ideas!)  I'll give you a hint: 06-16-12 is our wedding date!

Good Luck!  I can't wait to read your guesses and ideas!

With Love,
Kelsie Ann

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