Friday, August 31, 2012

Treat Container From an Old Coffee Can

Woof, woof!  That's hello in "dog"... I think.  How many of you are pet owners or know someone who is?  The likelihood of one of those statements being true is pretty high.  As a matter of fact, statistics from the say that thirty-nine percent of households own at least one dog and that thirty-three percent own at least one cat.  These statistics are just in the United States alone!

For those of you who own a dog, cat, ferret, gerbil, even a snake or just want to make something cute for a pet-loving friend, this post is for you.

First, want to see my little guy?  He is a 9 month old Rottweiler mix:

{His name is Ernie and don't let that sweet face fool you, he is ornery!}

That's why we have him (and us) enrolled in a dog training class.  Because this small container travels with us to class, I thought it would be nice to dress it up a little.

  {Every animal has some sort of treat or at the very least food!  Why not store it in a totally cute container?}

Check out the top:
 {It is even personalized just for Ernie.  I don't think it will stop the other dogs from trying to steal a treat, but hey I like it!}

 {Want to know a little secret?  I only added this part because my paper did not reach all the way around the container.  Shhh don't tell!}

It is easy to make! 
All I used was some paper, ribbon, glue, beads and my Silhouette cutting machine!  How great is that?  I also finished it off by covering it with mod podge to help secure the pieces and to give it a crisper look. 

Before Mod Podge                                                                                   After Mod Podge


Your turn!
Have you made any crafts for your pet?  If so, what were they? I would love to hear about them, so comment or link up your projects to this post.

In a few weeks I will be posting homemade dog treats as a gift to all the dogs who went through the class with us, so keep watching the blog for that!

With Love,
Kelsie Ann

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