Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rustic Clay Pot

Good Morning!  Well, it's morning here and I've been up since 6 am so I am pumped and ready for the day!  Don't let that fool you though, it took me an hour of dragging myself around and a cup of coffee to get here.

Are you alert and ready for today's craft?  It is a decorative (and useful!) clay pot:

This is actually "leftover" from our wedding in June.  We sat these pots on the tables in between the centerpieces and filled them with kisses candy.  They were a bit hit... or at least the candy was!

The best part?  They're easy to make!  Here's how:

{1} Buy a small clay pot at any hardware of craft store (we got ours at Hobby Lobby).

{2}Take a medium thick piece of twine and wrap it from the back to the front, tying it into a bow.  Do the same thing again for the opposite side.  This way each side of the table can see a bow and it gives it the "double stringed" look you see here.

{I don't mind the twine being sort of "undone", it gives it a rustic look.  If you don't want that however, just trim the excess strings after you tie it}

{3} Next cut 2 small squares of burlap fabric.  Choose a favorite stamp design and simply stamp it onto the burlap. HINT: Solid designs work best as does black ink.

{4} Attach one square to each "side"of the pot using spray adhesive.  If you do not own a can of spray adhesive, I would highly recommend buying some.  It works wonders for attaching bulkier materials like fabric, lace trim or twine.

All Finished!  How easy was that?

I keep one on my dining room table for decoration.  Right now it is filled with rocks (used in our wedding centerpieces) and dried Billy Balls (from my bridal bouquet).  It is a little piece of our wedding that we get to see everyday in our home.

Did I mention that we have over a dozen of these left over?

Does anyone have an idea for how I could use all of them?  What would YOU put in yours?  Flowers, candy, something else?

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas so please let me know!

With Love,
Kelsie Ann

LINK LOVE!  This project is linked to:  Every Day is an Occasion

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