Thursday, September 13, 2012

Painted Storage or Home Decor Jars

Have you ever started making something with the intent of using it for a specific reason, just to change your mind halfway through?  It happens to the best of us, don't worry.  The good thing is that when we do that, we usually LOVE how it turns out.  Just like these:

I have seen mason jars painted all over and I liked the idea of that, but I wanted to be able to see inside.  Plus, I had already done that in this post and was ready to try something different.  My original intent was to make these and put them on shelves in my craft room to store paintbrushes, pens, ribbon, buttons, really anything.  That is why I wanted to be able to see inside them yet have each container be a little different.

Then I found this beauty at the store:

I didn't buy it, but I came right home and asked my husband to make me something just like it!  I love that instead of just having shelves (our initial plan for the craft room) it also has individual spots for the bins (they can't move around!) and I love the bar underneath it.  I probably wouldn't use hooks, but that rod is perfect for hanging ribbon!

Yes, the jars could still work but by this point I was way past them and onto bigger and grander ideas.

So what to do with the painted jars?  Our upstairs bathroom has bright yellow walls (they are glorious!) and green accents (like my lovely leaf shower curtain).  It may be one of my favorite rooms in the house... really.  They would be a perfect fit!

{I especially love the budded sprays coming from the jars.  The one on the right sort of looks like a bushel of wheat... without the tops.... if you squint your eyes a little...}

If I ever decide to bring them back to the craft room, then I am just one door away.  Until then, they are looking lovely in the upstairs bathroom- proving once again that my first idea is not always my best.

What about you?
Do you still like them best for holding craft items or would you consider using them as decor for rooms in your home?  Maybe you have an even better idea for where they should go!

With Love,
Kelsie Ann

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