Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding or Anniversary Gift for a Friend or Yourself!

I. Love. Pinterest.  Three little words that mean nothing to an "outsider", yet brings about a sense of connection to those who are also *ahem* addicted.  I try to design my own crafts on this blog so that you are receiving new ideas and not just my version of the same old thing that is pinned a hundred times elsewhere.

Well today, I have to source pinterest for this idea.  BUT... before you click off this page, let me tell you how I took the same idea and changed it up to fit my life.  If you stick around I will give you a cookie.  Okay, I can't do that but I will give you a memorable gift idea for a friend, or for yourself!

{It is a decorative jar filled with our ceremony program from the wedding.  What a perfect way to remember that special day and decorate the house}

Here is where I got the idea:

How I changed it:
{1} I used a mason jar instead of a Christmas ornament.  I wanted something that I could have sitting out year round instead of only at Christmas.  Just FYI- I plan to also make the ornament this year.
{2} I used our ceremony program instead of the wedding invitation (like she did).  I did this for two reasons; 1- I needed more paper because the jar is larger and 2- Our invitation was not done on regular paper.  Want to know what it looked like? See it here.

What you need:
 {All you really need is a copy of your program (or invitation) and a jar.  I also opted for some heavy twine just to dress it up a little in rustic fashion}

Cut the paper into strips and roll them around a pencil:
 {I cut everything into a single line except for our scripture (see top picture) and our song/composer (see bottom picture) because I thought those were best kept together}

Lastly, I added some twine:
 {I might trade this out for some lace, or ribbon or bakers twine.  I am giving myself time to think on it}

Isn't that easy?
This craft takes no time at all but says so much to the person receiving it.  I think I may go back and cut up some more of the back paper (the yellow) so that the jar is all the way full.  

One more thing...
{I know this is a terrible picture but I wanted to show you all this added part.  I connected a small light to the inside of the lid so that when it is dark (or even shady) the paper pieces light up!  How neat is that?  Now it sits in our new curio cabinet between bride & groom figurines that we received as a wedding present.}

What do you think?
Do you like the idea of the paper pieces in a jar or would you just stick with the ornament?  Any other idea for how to make it a part of "daily life"- a shadow box maybe?  Give me your thoughts!

With Love,
Kelsie Ann

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  1. Great post Kelsie, it's such a good idea! I always feel like DIY anniversary gifts are a little more special because they come from the heart, but than again I'm sort of old school. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Thank you Kate! I think we are cut from the same cloth- there is rarely a thing I cherish more than a hand crafted gift from someone; especially when it is personalized! So glad you stopped by and so tickled that you liked this post.

      Kelsie Ann