Friday, November 1, 2013

4 New Ways to Make {Pointed!} Christmas Trees!

Before anyone starts yelling at me for posting a Christmas craft, please allow me to explain myself.  As I've mentioned before, I was very behind on my fall/Halloween crafts and now my house looks very un-festive.  It's likely that I will make one (maybe two) Thanksgiving crafts, but that's not really my holiday as far as decorations go.  As I contemplated whether or not starting a Christmas craft would start WWIII, I started to get notifications on my phone that this post from last year was being re-pinned a lot.  That proved to me that people are ready to at least start looking at Christmas crafts and I would be good to go.

What prompted this particular craft was when I was shopping with my mom and saw those beautiful glitter trees.  Saying to myself "I could make that" I went home to search ideas on Pinterest.  What I found was upsetting: several tutorials on how to make glitter trees from Styrofoam cones.  What's the matter with that you ask?  The tops aren't pointed!  I know, I know... I'm obviously crazy and a little picky but I wanted my trees to have points. 

I love the tall skinny trees but you could make them as wide (or yes even flat topped) as you wanted.

Since I couldn't use Styrofoam I opted for heavy paper.  I actually ended up using a thin poster board!  At first it takes a little bending but once you do one it's easy peasy.  Just start at a corner and roll! 

Don't worry about it being creased because it all gets covered.  As a matter of fact I found that creasing it as much as possible helped give this sturdy "paper" it's shape.

Make a few of these bare trees (I hot glued them at the ends) and decide which of the 4 styles you prefer: glitter, fabric, ribbon or paper.

The classic glitter trees are always a winner. Although after making these my husband lifted the "no glitter in the house" test run and made it a rule instead. You win some you lose some.

They're easy to make.  Take your blank paper trees, add some mod podge, sprinkle on the glitter and seal with your choice of spray sealer.  For the silver and red I used some old (without labels) glitter that I probably picked up at the Dollar Store and for the green I used Martha Stewart Tinsel Glitter that I won during a craft giveaway!  The green has more of a "tree" look but I think I like the classic glitter better.

I love burlap and I love rustic Christmas decor... of course I made a burlap tree!

At first I cut a huge rectangle, thinking that I was going to somehow drape it over the top.  After realizing that was not going to work I simply rolled a "paper" tree into some burlap, hot gluing the ends.

Once it's set, trim the ends so that it can stand upright.

This came about by accident when I was trying to see how ribbon would look wound across a glitter tree. I didn't really like the look of that but I did love when it was covered in ribbon. Plus, glitter ribbon doesn't break the "no glitter in the house" rule!

It's easy to make as well.  Dab some hot glue on the end and starting at the top, wrap the ribbon all the way down the "paper" tree.  Add another dab of hot glue on the end and it's stuck!

This ribbon is thin and easy to work with but just lovely.  I have it in multiple colors and use it for gift wrapping.  Best part?  You can get it for about a dollar!

I think what I like so much about the ribbon versus the regular glitter is the texture that it has from wrapping it up!

You might be thinking "we've been using paper this whole time, how can you make a new category for it?" If you were thinking that, you are very clever. However... it's a different kind of paper! Scrapbook paper.

I wanted something with more of a design on it.  As I flipped through my giant stack(s) of scrapbooking paper I found some that were the classic red and green but in more muted shades.  Perfect for that rustic feel.  I made new cones out of this paper but if you wanted them to be a little more sturdy, just wrap the scrapbook paper around the poster board trees.

If you are really loving this paper, it came from this pad pictured below.  I bought it at Michaels' on sale for around $11!  I was so excited to say the least.

{That's it!}
I started out trying to re-make some glitter trees I found at the store and ended up with several new styles that I love! I'm not sure that I have one favorite, I think I like them best when they are mixed. What about you?

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann


  1. Really cool! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. What spray sealer would you recommend if going with the mod podge? Thanks!