Thursday, December 6, 2012

Burlap and Berry Christmas Wreath

'Tis the season for Christmas villages, decorated cookies, beautiful lights and festive Christmas decorations.  Well, up until yesterday you would never have guessed it was Christmastime around my house.  Let's just say we are running a little behind on all things Christmas this year.  Nonetheless, we finally have some decorations up (yay)!  One of my favorite new additions is this wreath that I just threw together.  It is really easy to make and only takes TWO materials.  Want to see it?

It is rustic and festive, it is a win-win!  I had bought the red and green stems a few months back from the floral section at Hobby Lobby.  I was not sure how many it took to make a wreath so I just bought six of them.  When I put it together however it looked a little... bare.  So, I figured why not add one of my favorite materials- burlap?!  I love how this turned out and I am so glad that I didn't "get enough" of the stems in the first place.

{How to Make it}
Gather your materials.  All you need is some burlap and roughly six floral stems of your choice.

For the burlap, you will need to cut strips wide enough to show underneath the berry stems.  This is really all personal preference and depends on your stem size, but if you want to know how wide mine are, I cut them roughly 4 1/2 inches wide.

Just make sure that you do not pull the thread all the way out or the burlap will lie flat again.  I find it best to pull from both sides and let the extra thread hang.

Easy peasy! Now onto the stems...

{Floral Stems}
Like I said before, I bought six of these but depending on the size and fullness of the stems you chose, you may have to get more or less.  All you need to do for this step is to attach (I used tape) the stems together to form a circle.

I love those red and green "berries", so pretty!

{Attaching the Burlap}
Now that you have the pieces ready, it is time to attach the burlap.  Simply lay the burlap where it belongs around the wreath.  Here is the best part: to attach the burlap you can tie a loop around the stems using spare burlap threads!  This is a craft that supplies it's own materials- how neat is that?  You wont need a needle or anything, just stretch out a "waffle hole" big enough to slide the thread through.  When you are done, knot it together on the backside & cut the extra thread away.

{That's it!}
Finish attaching the burlap around the wreath and you are all done!  I love how easy this wreath is and how cute it turned out.  I have a feeling this wreath will be a new staple in our Christmas decor.

{Your Turn!}
What do you think about using burlap in Christmas decor?  Do you love the rustic look or do you think it looks like it belongs on a barn (get my joke? The pictures above were taken on a barn door!)  Okay, I am laughing at my own jokes now, I should probably stop while I am ahead.  I hope everyone enjoyed this post and is excited to make your very own Christmas wreath.  Hey- there are still people out there like me who aren't finished decorating, right?

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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  1. I love it! Can you make me one?

    1. I assume this is AUNT Benita? If they still have the berries I can! I can't promise it will be done soon though (haha)

      Kelsie Ann

  2. Great wreath! Thanks for joining us over at 3 Girl Jam Challenges! DT Member Carri~Abusybee

  3. Wonderful wreath! Love the tips, too. Thanks so much for linking up to our Christmas Challenge at 3 Girl JAM. Wishing you a Happy New Year!
    Jessica B.
    3GJ DT Member

  4. This is really a cute idea. I love the rustic feel. Thanks for linking up to the Christmas Inspirations Challenge on 3 Girl JAM.

    Cheri - 3GJ DT Member

    1. Thanks Cheri and thanks for stopping by! Anything rustic wins me over immediately (ha!)

      Kelsie Ann

  5. I LOVE this!!! What a GREAT project idea!Will have to remember this for next year :)
    Thanks for sharing with us over at the 3 Girl Jam Challenge Blog! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

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