Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Decorating Tip #1 {Personalized Pillow}

As promised, we are rolling forward with new posts and details about the nursery.  But don't start thinking that it won't do you any good to read on if you don't have a baby around.  On the contrary!  Each week design elements, tips and tricks will help you transform any room from "same old, same old" to something special made by you, for you!

This week, I'm showing you how to make a pillow in ANY design you wish... in minutes.  Not 1,465 minutes, like under 15 minutes.  Really. 

First, pick your fabric.  I wish I could tell you exactly what the fabric was that I used but it's just some scrap I have had for years.  Almost any fabric will work for this project unless it's got a lot of texture like a "fur".
Next, measure your pillow form or old pillow you wish to cover.  Add just a shade over 1/2 inch to each side.  Sew along 3 sides with 1/2 inch seam (leaving the fourth side open) and turn right side out.

Now is the fun part.  You can create any design you wish using one of two methods:
(1) Stenciling.  Using a premade stencil or by creating your own (for those of you much more artistic than myself) simply stencil your design onto the pillow with paint. 
--Note:  If you want to be able to wash the pillow- even spot clean, make sure to use fabric paint or acrylic that can be used on fabric!  I would personally recommend this even if you don't plan to ever wash it. 

(2) Heat Transfer Vinyl.  If you have a cutting machine like the Silhouette (or Cricut) simply cut your shape out in HTV and iron it on!  I am more familiar with the Silhouette program but I know that with it you can create ANY design you wish (not just pre-designed shapes).  To create a design that already exists but you don't own (like the Peter Rabbit image on the nursery pillow), in the Silhouette program you can save a photo from the internet and then trace it.  Always make sure to mirror your image if it has words or you want it to face the direction that it was originally.
--Note:  Don't forget to stick your HTV shiny side down on your cutting mat!

I love, Love, LOVE this Peter Rabbit design.  My son's nursery is Peter Rabbit themed and I wanted this pillow to match without being "too busy".  The crisp black lines look so lovely against the natural look of the fabric.  The sort of "broken sketch" design makes me swoon!

To finish it up, slide the pillow form into the case and sew the fourth side up!  I tucked the edges inside and sewed it with a  tight sort of whip stitch (I closed it up while riding in the car!) but you could hide the stitching better or even add a zipper or velcrow if you want to remove the pillow form in the future.

Your Turn!
I would love to see what designs you have in mind for your special home d├ęcor.  I'm thinking of making some for our living room with repeating shapes (like triangles) in a few coordinating colors!  I would love to see photos of your finished projects!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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