Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Decorating Tip #2 and #3 (vinyl wording and light switch DIY)

I absolutely love my son's crib.  I love the shape.  I love the color.  More than anything, I love watching my son sleep (I mean, who doesn't love watching little babes snoozing?)  Decorating the nursery in the area around the crib was hard for me because I wanted it to be as perfect as that perfect crib.  I knew that the images surrounding the crib would be the last things my son would see as he fell asleep each night (and nap) and the first thing he would see when he woke. Whew... No pressure...

{Yea, he loves his stuffed animals. LOVES them.}

I'll be honest, I started making a baby mobile.  I didn't like any of them in the stores and thought I could make one better.  I couldn't.  That project took way too long to complete and I didn't end up liking it anyways.

Onto what I did make- vinyl lettering and a coordinating light switch cover.  I can't believe how easy both of these projects were and how BIG of an impact they made.  Simple and perfect.  Exactly what I wanted!

I cut the vinyl lettering with my Silhouette Cameo using the font "Great Vibes" and added stars in varying sizes.  The walls in the nursery are textured but after pressing the vinyl on with my fingers it has stuck great!  Everything continues to hold strong months and months later!

As for the light switch cover, I followed these basic steps: (Images pictured in tutorial are from a separate project so I could show you step by step!)

1. Print a photo on regular paper (or use a scrapbook paper that you like) large enough to fit on top of your light switch cover.

2. With the paper image side up, place the cover on top and trace the outline and holes with a pencil. Add a little extra to the outside border to account for the extra paper it will take to cover the "curve" on the cover.  You can always cut it off later if you have too much!

3. Cut out the traced piece- be careful with the small holes! (I prefer to only cut the hole for the switch and just poke the screws through their spots but that's up to you)

4. Cover the light switch cover with Mod Podge- enough to make the entire surface sticky without making it too "goopy".

5. Carefully, place the paper cutout on top of the light switch.  Make sure to press the paper down inside the hole for the switch and around the edges.

{See the little divot where I didn't cut the hole for the screw? I think it's easier this way and you aren't left with a "too big" hole.}

6. Let dry for a few minutes and then finish with a final layer of Mod Podge over the entire surface. 

7. (Optional)  If you want to paint the screws to match, do so while they are removed and let dry.  You only need to paint the heads.

I am *so in love* with this Peter Rabbit light switch cover.  Turns out, my little guy has developed quite the interest in turning lights on and off these days.  My husband and I know the day is coming when he will be able to reach this one by his crib and it'll be all over for our electricity bill!

Are you just joining us?  Head over to last week's post to learn how to make any design on a pillow in under 15 minutes!  Don't forget to join us next week for a GIVEAWAY!

Your Turn!
Do you have vinyl wording around your home?  What are your thoughts on the light switch cover?  I'm addicted to this simple transformation and have done it in my craft room as well (those were the step by step photos you saw)!  Share your projects with us in the comments below!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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