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Free Printables + b.box review & GIVEAWAY!

Whew!  The "construction" going on here at Cut, Craft, Create is (for the most part) complete and things are finally getting back into their normal patterns.  After you're finished with this post, please take a look around and let me know what you think.  We now have tabs to help you find what you are looking for faster and easier (excuse the "About Me" tab, it seems to have a glitch- I'm still working on it!).  I also need to go through all my old posts and re-label them to sort them in these tabs.  Because of this, check back over the next week or so to make sure you catch all the projects that are supposed to fall in those categories.  We also have a new design/color scheme.  What are your thoughts?

Now... onto the good stuff.  Thanks for letting me destroy and rebuild the blog over this last week and for being patient with me.  While working on this, I didn't work on a new craft but did want to offer you some FREE Printables and a GIVEAWAY of one of my new favorite companies.

[Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post for free from the b.box company to try out.  However, all opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.  Giveaway items are from the b.box company and are not in exchange for a positive review.]

I was recently introduced to this company and I asked to revue the following products:
1. Sippy cup
2.Snack Pack

Sippy Cup
I'm always on the hunt for a good sippy cup.  My son is so rough with his cups and it's hard to find one that doesn't leak/spill, is easy to hold, and doesn't restrict the flow of water too much (he loves to take big drinks and some cups are frustrating!)

This {award winning!} cup is made with an innovative weighted straw so that babe can drink to the very last drop!  I hadn't even thought about that but looking back at our other straw cups, there was always water in the bottom that the straw couldn't reach.  Better reach means having to fill the cup less!  I've had friends with kids ask me about this cup and comment about how they've never seen anything like it!  The weighted end falls to the bottom no matter what direction the cup is tilted- cool huh?

{I realize that it looks like the cup is tilted to the right and the straw isn't.  That's my "creative" photo skills- ha!  The cup is flat.}

The top of the straw has a + shaped opening which closes back up when babe isn't drinking from it.  That means less spill (especially when your kiddo likes to turn it upside down and shake it... go ahead, ask me how I know).  Even though the straw is skinny, my son has no trouble getting enough water out of it when he drinks, which makes my water-loving-babe very happy.

My only concern is proper cleaning.  Straw cups always make me nervous because it's hard to really get in there and clean it.  Right now we only put water in it but I still wonder.  The great thing about this cup is that it's dishwasher safe and the company makes replacement straws & cleaning tool so I feel a whole lot better about it than I do with most other sippy cups!

The last part that I love love love is the lid.  It screws onto the cup so it STAYS ON (!!!) Oh, pardon my excitement.  My little guy is super into throwing things.  It's our one real battle right now (well, that and sitting during meals) and I can't count the number of times he has thrown a cup and the lid pops right off- spilling water everywhere.  That doesn't happen with this cup.  The lid also slides closed so I can easily shut it and toss it into the diaper bag or my son can slide it open to pop the straw out.  Lastly, the lid has 2 handles that stick out the side, making it easy for little ones to hold while drinking or while walking around.  That's important you know, because we must be able to hold our teddy bear and our sippy cup and scoot around on our tractor all at the same time.

Snack Pack
Now onto this little helper!  Kids (or adults if you are like me) always seem to be snacking.  It's hard to be "out and about" without stopping for a snack break between meals. It can get expensive (and often results in unhealthy options) to always run through a drive through for a snack.  This little snack container is awesome.  Since I've received this product, I have used it literally every time we've gone out, and many times at home!

Here's why I like it:
First, it has two separate compartments.  I like to bring a couple different snacks for a little variety and let's be fair- toddlers can be picky every now and then. (ha!) I used to pack several mini-containers but this is way easier.  The two compartments are connected and the lid covers both sections at the same time.

{This was ours the other day as we were waiting on lunch.  Yes, Mr. Alligator had to come along}

Secondly, it has a silicone bottom that prevents it from slipping around.  Oh, and it's also just really neat looking... but I'm sure the no-slipping thing is more important.  I love the green color on ours!

It also comes with a spoon in case you are traveling with a snack like applesauce or leftovers.  The spoon fits right into the lid so you wont lose it- what a neat design!

Some of our favorite combinations are:
Quesadilla bites + Grapes
Cheese + fruit (blueberries, strawberries and apples taste great with cheese!)
Dip (like hummus) + strips of toast or veggies

Everything I've shared is dishwasher safe.  That's a biggie for me because if I can't wash it in the dishwasher then it's probably going to stay dirty somewhere in our house (gross but true).

New Stuff
I'm so glad I've been introduced to this company- they have such neat innovative products!  At the end of this month (February) they have three new items coming out: (1) bowl & straw (2) divided plate (3) cutlery set.

This bowl & straw is made so that little ones can drink up liquids (such as soup) and then use the spoon to finish what's left at the bottom.  It also comes with a "snack" lid so that you can use the same container to carry snacks around on-the-go!  Lastly, it comes with a closed lid so that you can store any leftovers without getting a new container.  3-in-1 means less dishes.  That = great for busy mamas and papas.

The divided plates are made with silicone sides for easy grip and three compartments to keep food separate.  My kid dips everything into everything else, but I know some kiddos who hate having their food touch- this would be perfect for them!  I think this would be great for teaching portions as well.

I'm most excited about this cutlery set.  The fork is made with 3 prongs sort of in a circle and the spoon is made to not only use as a spoon but to help babe scoop food onto the fork as well.  I love how this company comes up with such unique designs for their products.  I will definitely be trying these out soon!

Stay tuned for these items to go live on their website.  Click the individual links above to see more or just head over to bboxbaby.com to check out all their products.

Want Your Own?
Of course you do... these products are so cool!  Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win your very own sippy cup & snack pack.

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Free Printables Too!
Thanks for hanging tight while I revamped the blog.  As a special thanks, here is a quote that struck me this week in a few different designs.  Sized to fit in an 8x10 frame.  Enjoy!

Click HERE to download

Click HERE to download (white background)

Click HERE to download (white background)

Click HERE to download (transparent background- print on any color paper)

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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