Friday, August 26, 2016

How did you miss this week's post?

Wondering how you missed Wednesday's amazing post?  Well I can promise you that it wasn't because you were too busy at work to see the facebook update (are we really ever too busy for facebook?) or that my scheduled post got transferred to some far off future date (DIY a million years later) no, no... it was none of those things.

Actually, it's because I've been super busy with this...

That's right... baby #2 is a-cookin'.  I've been dying to explain myself but my husband and I don't like to share our news publicly too early.  So all those times I've been late posting a new DIY (or never posted one at all) was probably because I was either 1- spending my time with my head in the toilet 2-laying on the couch like a blob or 3- going to bed at 8PM because I'm just so tired from chasing a toddler all day and being pregnant (seriously, how do you mamas do it?!)

Also- I've been itching to share a DIY table & chairs makeover post with this awesome Rust-Oleum paint that I got but my husband is very set on the "no painting while pregnant" rule.  He and my mom have both offered to come do the project for me as long as I direct them.  Really though, how sweet is that? Nonetheless, it's been a lot harder to schedule the time for that than if I was doing it myself.  (Psst... it uses the table and chairs pictured above!)

Now that you are filled in on my absence, bear with me.  I think I'm finally getting some energy back and occasionally my toddler gives me a break.  Maybe I can get some of these awesome posts to you soon.  I have a notebook full of ideas ready to be created!