Sunday, September 16, 2018

Building a Craft Community

This week's post will be short and sweet but I'd love for y'all to join in the fun with me!  You may have heard me mention before that I run a sort of crafty community page on facebook, a place where anyone can come and get inspired, learn tips and tricks and even share your own projects (and it's a closed group so if you're making something for a facebook friend, you wont ruin the surprise unless they are in the group too!)

It's pretty fun. I've actually been away from it for a little while now during a personal absence from facebook and I miss it like crazy. Since I'm coming back this week, I thought I'd also share it with all you sweets that read my blog so that you can come join the fun too! Although I technically "run" the page, anyone can post their projects in progress, completed projects, or even any questions, comments or input you want from the community. It's not my page, it's our page. Basically our only rules are be kind to each other and no pushy direct sales stuff. Nope.. that wont be tolerated. But if you're making something crafty for your business and you're proud of it, feel free to share. It's all about the DIY.

What are you waiting for? JOIN OUR GROUP NOW. It's fun (and of course free- it's just a facebook group!) and it's all about inspiring others and getting inspired ourselves! We all get to know each other a little along the way too so it's nice to have that community as well ;)

Crafts & Coffee Support Group

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