Thursday, November 15, 2018

ErgoPouch [Updated Review] + Giveaway

If you're new here, I'll update you: I am a mama.  A stay at home mama.  My little craft blog has changed over the last 4 years and instead of only sharing household DIYs, I've grown to add a lot of projects that are perfect for families, busy mamas and kids.  I've also opened my blog up to exploring some of the best baby/kids products out there.  It's a whole new world of products and I love being able to tell you the truth about each one of them (and I especially love being able to GIVE YOU FREE GOODIES because I love you guys and want to give you great stuff)

Today is a special treat, because I am giving away an awesome product, but I'm also giving an UPDATED review of this company that I've reviewed in the past. That means I've had a lot longer to "test it out" and I have a few new things to tell you:

{Disclaimer: I have received free product from ErgoPouch in exchange for an honest review of the product. This post contains a link to my initial review as well as my updated views on the product. Giveaway items are sponsored by ErgoPouch}

First things first, if you aren't familiar with how ErgoPouch "layers" sleepwear works, read about it HERE (it's a really cool system they've created).  Next, if you'd like to read my initial review, check it out *here* (it'll give you all my initial feelings about it and details about all the cool features)

Now.. onto my updated review.

I own both the 0.2 TOG and the 1.0 TOG "warmness" both in long sleeves. I'll talk about both here.

There are a few things I've really grown to LOVE even more as time goes on:

1- The 3-way zipper. I thought this was brilliant before but it is the best thing ever if your kiddo is potty training.  Other one-piece pajamas have to be completely stripped off if your babe needs to potty but ErgoPouch's 3 way zipper allows you to unzip and go- yes, even for little girls!!!

{Yes, she's actually going potty. The zipper is unzipped all the way in the back and as far in the front as you can see in the photo. SO much easier than standard footies!}

2- The different TOG numbers really do matter.  I can feel a physical difference between the 0.2 and the 1.0 TOG pieces that we own.  I love that we have a "warmer" option for those nights where it's a little more chilly.  They also make a 2.5 TOG for those extra cold nights!  And of course, the entire layers collection allows for you to mix and match pieces to perfectly dress your child in any season.

3- They have the most beautiful prints. In my first review I featured the adorable "clouds" fabric but as it's gotten colder outside, we've been using the one that we have in the print called "spring leaves". I found myself just staring at the colors and design on it the other day, it's so beautifully made.  These would not only make quality gifts for someone but are simply beautiful too.

4- The fold over "mitts".  I'll be honest, we have to fold the feet mitts over before putting them on my daughter or she refuses to have them closed off.  However, I love that we have the option for those on especially cold nights when her little feet get cold.  We don't use the hand mitts but especially for younger babies, these would be life savers!  We went on a "doughnut run" the other day in our jammies and since she had the mitts over her feet I didn't make her wear boots in the store (judge me all you will.  She's taking advantage of being able to do this while she can!)

But wait...

There is something I don't like as much as I thought I did before:

- The 3 way zipper.  (huh? I thought you said that was your favorite part you crazy lady...) Yes, I love it for potty training and I *thought* I loved it for diaper changes but it turns out that most nights it's just as easy for me to take the pants all the way off that it is to work around the partial opening from the zippers. This is just my personal experience and maybe since I used to like it I'm just doing something wrong now.

Either way, I wanted to be upfront with y'all on that change in my opinion.

Would I still recommend these?  For sure. These are legit quality jammies (sleepwear) and they are so adaptable to a variety of sizes, temperatures and needs.  And as I said before, they are cuuuute!

Why don't you go ahead and enter to win a pair while you are here? Just follow the prompts on the widget below:

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  1. I love quality fabrics and the footie option

  2. I love the sleep sack I have from this company! Sam has since outgrown it and we would love some jammies! ♥️

  3. This would be great for the new baby!

  4. This 3 way zipper is very intriguing. And I love the optional closed foot! Open during the day and closed at night!

  5. Hi! Molly here with Shinesty. We love your blog and want to send you some of our new holiday line. Email me at if you're interested & SHINE ON.

  6. I think I entered the giveaway? I hope so! We are starting potty training soon!

  7. This 3 way zipper is very interesting... I love the optional closed foot! I like feet closed as not to loose heat while my little one is sleeping.

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