Friday, August 17, 2018

ergoPouch Layers Review + Giveaway

For those who don't know me personally, I have been on a several month mega-purge of all things not completely useful (or truly meaningful) in our home. Over the last couple of years my husband and I have gotten rids of HUNDREDS of articles of clothing.  It's ridiculous we owned that much to begin with.  Having kids has only added to the amount of "things" we have.  That's why when I had a chance to try these pajamas, I jumped on it.

Wait, I got more pajamas during my purge?  Hear me out. You'll want a pair (or two or three) of your own too.

[Disclaimer: I have received free product in exchange for an honest review of them. I do not write things I do not personally believe and all opinions are my own. Any endorsements are of my own opinion. Giveaway items are sponsored by  ergoPouch and will be sent directly to the winner from them and not myself]

So what? They look like regular pajamas. Cute ones yes, but just like every other.  WRONG! You guys, I'm telling you... they are so cool!  Here's why:

First off, here's a little blip about the company just to give you some background:

Now onto why I like them so much:

First off, they are called "layers" for a reason. They are designed to be layered on and off for varying temperatures. Why do I like that so much? Instead of buying a bunch of say- summer pajamas and then only being able to wear them for a couple months, these pajamas can be worn at the basic levels in the warmer months and layered up for the cooler months. That's more bang for your buck and less stuff lying around.

Every single piece from the new collection comes with it's own room thermometer (really!) and guide to help you know quickly and easily how to dress your child for the temperature. I love this because I play the "guessing game" all the time (Is she going to be too cold in this? Will he get too hot in this?)

[The layers piece I have pictured on my daughter is the long sleeved 0.2 TOG]

Secondly, and maybe my very favorite part is the 3-way zipper. This is so cool. I was intrigued but skeptical about it until we had a chance to really try it out. There are 3 separate "pulls" along the zipper, which runs from the very top of the chest all the way through the legs and up to just as the waist in the back. 

This allows for the child to stay completely zipped up through their torso and yet we can unzip the bottom for mid-nighttime diaper changes.

This is helpful not only because stripping a baby down in the middle of the night, half asleep is no fun for anyone but also because they can stay warmer during the colder months since they will still have a majority of their body parts covered. No exposed legs or chest.

There is a zipper "cover" in the back where you can easily tuck in your zipper pulls, although I have found that we both prefer the pulls to be in between the legs. Personal preference but it's there if you want it!

"Yea, that's cool but my kiddo doesn't wear diapers anymore."  you say? Guess what? These are great for potty training and night time bathroom visits! Although we have not officially started potty training my daughter, she self taught herself starting a few months back so we will probably give it a "real" go here soon, which may include night time potty trips!  I'll keep y'all updated on how that goes but it seems like this zipper would make it a whole lot easier than other full body jammies!

It also has a zipper cover at the chest as well which not only looks nice but keeps the zipper pull from scratching and catching.

Thirdly, these pajamas really do adjust well to various temperatures. The 0.2 TOG that I have is about the thickness of a standard t-shirt but the long sleeves gives it a little extra warmth. As it gets cooler I can layer up but I can ALSO make adjustments to the pajamas themselves. The sleeves have fold-over hand mitts (also helpful for baby fingernails- ask me how I know!)  for added warmth...

aaaaand.... the feet have them too! I've seen them on the sleeves before but this is the first pair of sleepwear we've owned that has had them on the feet, which I love. We will use that a lot during the winter months! Way better than separate socks.

Let's recap: Made with natural sustainable fibers, made to last through various seasons for longer lifespan, great for diaper changes and using the potty, and includes hand and foot mitts to keep your child warmer and have less socks getting lost in the washer?

That makes me pretty happy.  How do you like them sweet girl?

They also come in some really great prints and are apparently very comfortable because we not only sleep but play in them too.  I'd love to hear what you think of this cool new layers collection and what about them you are most excited about.

Win a pair!
Oh yea, and they said I could give one of y'all a pair of your own. Who wants to win? Just complete the tasks in the rafflecopter widget below to enter! You pick the layers item, size and TOG if you win.

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  1. I love that you can layer these! I really liked Sam’s ergoPouch zippered sleepsack that he got in the fall and would love to try the pajamas! :)

    1. I've not tried to sleepsack but I'd like to try an adult version for myself! haha

  2. I love the 3-way zipper. This would be so convenient for the midnight changes. The baby can stay most of the way dressed and not freeze while being changed. I would love to get to try one of these!

  3. These look totally awesome! I love that they have the option to cover the feet as well as the hands, I always feel bad for bare feet if the little one is a sock taker offer, which they pretty much all are... :)

    1. Yes! And you know if that sock comes off midway through the night, we're never going to find it again either! haha

  4. LOVE layers!!! but look at those prints! I'm a total sucker for prints! :) Favorite part... The zippers!!! I have one outfit that you can still keep the top part on but unzip to change diaper, it's a genius idea!!!

  5. I’m obsessed!! I literally have been dying for someone to make something like this for years and could never find any and this whole time they were right under my nose! I’m in the potty training stage with my daughter and these would be amazing!

    1. Me too! I remember thinking "this has to exist, if not I should invent it!" but you know... I was too tired and all to actually figure out how or find out it does exist! haha

  6. This is so great! Just entered! Great reviews too by the way

    1. Thank you. Since I am pretty choosy on what products I review (I wont just say nice things if I don't really like the product) I try to make sure I write really thorough reviews for the products that deserve it!

  7. I love that you can zip the feet to cover them if cold, also you can change the baby with out removing the whole garment. That is a WIN for me!(PatF)

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