Thursday, February 28, 2013

For the Love of Reading!

Here soon, very soon (not soon enough!) I will be on vacation.  Sunny beaches, southern sweet tea, relaxing without a care in the world.... oh, sorry- back to reality for now.  As I am eagerly awaiting my upcoming vacation, I am making a mental list of things to pack.  Top of the list (besides a swim suit)... books!  I love reading but I sort of forget that I love reading.  Vacation is the only time it seems that I am able to settle down, relax and enjoy a good book.  What is necessary when reading good books?  Good bookmarks of course!  That is why I have been fiddling around this week to create a few options for my vacation reading:

They are all sort of different, come check out each one:

{Every Book is an Adventure}
{It doesn't need to be an adventure book to find yourself on a new adventure when reading it}

{A Touch of Stitching}

{Have you ever cross stitched on paper before? I love this look!}

{Put Your Heart into it}
{I found that quote online and it said it is "attributed" to Mark Twain- do you know?  My favorite part about this?  When it's lying on the page you can see the text through the heart!}

It's so hard to pick a favorite... although that heart one sure steals my heart!

{Upcoming News!}
Before we end this post, let me tell you about an exciting event coming up- "I can make that" March!

How many of you are like me and get a little pin-crazy on Pinterest?  I have more things pinned than I have time to do.  After having another pinning "episode" the other day I realized that I have never, no NEVER made anything from my "Clothing/Accessories" album.  Some of the pins are of tutorials on how to make such and such item, but many are just things that I liked and thought "I could make that".  Well my friends, the time is here for me to call in the tabs on myself.  The entire month of March, my posts will be of this journey.

I am doing this for 2 reasons:
{1} I want to finally make some of these cute items! Being responsible to you all keeps me from putting
this off even more (thanks in advance).
{2} I want to inspire you all to work on your pins as well. Think of this as a group journey. We can
encourage each other to keep working! This means of course that I want to hear about your
progress as well, so keep me updated!

Along this journey I will show the original pin that inspired me and tips on how I achieved the look.  I have pinned a lot of expensive items, so hopefully I will be able to save both you and myself money by making our own version.  Interested?  I would be honored for you to follow along and to give me feedback along the way.  This is the first time I have ever done a month long series like this, so let me know how you like it (or don't like it) and of course, show me your progress too!

{Your Turn}
Okay, I am finally done talking... for now. What did you think of the bookmarks? Do you have a favorite? What about the upcoming "I could make that" March? Will you be sharing in this journey with me? I hope you will! See you all again soon.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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