Thursday, May 2, 2013

Burlap Bottle Vase

This week is flying by!  I didn't even realize it was Thursday until I woke up this morning and thought "boy, it seems like a while since I've done a post."  Oops.  It is a good week though; I am almost down to my one week mark at my current job (can't WAIT to start the new one!) and this morning I am having a little girl time with some of my friends.  Coffee and cinnamon rolls anyone?

Aaaanywho, here's what I've got for you today.  An easy and quick vase made from glass bottles and burlap!  Yes, I might have a problem.

When I say it is quick and easy, I mean it! 
All you need to do is get an empty glass bottle (we like IBC Black Cherry- yum!) and a piece of burlap. 
Cut the burlap into a piece a little taller that the bottle and long enough that it can wrap around the bottle more than once. 
Next, tape (or glue or whatever you desire) the burlap edge to the bottle.  This is just to hold the burlap in place.
Finish by wrapping the burlap all the way around.  Since the bottle is shaped as it is, the angle of the burlap will not be straight.  This is good- don't try to fix it by cutting against the grain!
To keep everything in place, pull a couple long strings from your spare burlap and tie them securely around the bottle.  No need for tape, glue, or sewing- burlap helps itself!

Feel free to cut against the grain at the bottom of the bottle because likely, you will have part of it hitting the table (or bottle showing) if you don't. 

I looooooove burlap.

Put any flowers you like in the top.  I like to use the billy balls from our wedding in our home decor whenever I can.  They held up so nicely and are just so neat- don't you think?  No water needed for those!

That's it!  I have to run, I am late to my breakfast date with the girls!  Hope you have enjoyed this easy tutorial to help brighten your home for summer!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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