Tuesday, April 19, 2016

8 Free Mother's Day Card Printables/Coloring Pages (inside & outside)

One of the greatest holidays is coming up in the next few weeks... Mother's Day.  I don't only say this because I am a mother and am hoping to get an extra nap or shower in (best.gift.ever.) but because my own mom is my best friend.  I think we should recognize how awesome mothers are all 365 days of the year but it's always fun to go "above and beyond" on this national day.  My mom is also an amazing grandma (mamaw) to my son who thinks she hangs the moon.  Seriously, the two of them are best buds.  It doesn't matter what we are doing, if I say "let's go see mamaw" my son heads straight to the door no questions asked.  It's very funny.  For the record, he also has 3 other grandmas who are AMAZING as well, I was just already talking about my mom there.

I also understand how hard it is to have a toddler "make" their own cards to send to grandma.  Sure, I could get his hand print or footprint.  (Actually, other people can do that I most definitely cannot.) Or... I could just have him color his own picture.  This is also a great option for older kids who would like to color/design their own card with a little guidance.  (They are basically coloring pages!)

{I trimmed mine up a little more than I meant to, it prints with more white around the edges and bottom.}

Because I'm sure there are lots of you out there who are in the same boat as me, I created a few FREE printables for you.  I've created an inside and outside to each card but feel free to mix and match (just know that some are horizontal and some are vertical!) Just click, print, fold in half, color and share!  Each card also has a spot on the back for the child's name.

[Hint, Hint dads- mom's love stuff that their kids make.  We find it adorable and it melts our heart.  Pair this with an uninterrupted nap and you've got a happy mama]

{I forgot to get a photo of him coloring and when I tried to get him to do it again he just looked at it and ate his apple like "yea, we're done here.}

{Cards for mom, grandma or whoever!}

Note:  Cards are pictured in collage format to see front and back together.  Please notice that card is not folded at red line and actually folds in half the opposite direction.  Cards do not have a red border and print at size 8x10.  You may cut them down to whatever size you like.)

Top 2 photos show the front and back.  Bottom two photos show the other options available for the front of the card.

"I love you mom" OUTSIDE

"I love you grandma" OUTSIDE

"I love you mamaw" OUTSIDE

"so glad you're mine" INSIDE

Of course we needed a flower option- classic mother's day.  Have your little one draw a special picture for mom, step-mom, grandma or whoever!

"flowers" OUTSIDE

"special picture" (vertical) INSIDE

{Cards just for mom}

 Get them thinking about what makes mom so great!

"reasons why" OUTSIDE

"reasons why" INSIDE

This one is funny because it's true.  What a loving little monster.

"love monster" OUTSIDE

"love monster" INSIDE

Was it really even a competition?

"trophy" OUTSIDE

"trophy" INSIDE

Another "draw a special picture" option but with a horizontal layout.

"banner" OUTSIDE

"special picture" (horizontal) INSIDE

{That's It!}
I hope I was able to help you out with your Mother's Day card this year.  When it comes down to it, moms just want to know that they are loved and with a hand colored card from their little one, they are sure to feel it! <3

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann