Thursday, April 21, 2016

Silikids NEW cups, universal lids & reusable straws {Review + Giveaway}

Happy Friday lovies and thanks for stopping by to check out my newest product review.  Today I am reviewing some brand new products from a company I've shared about in the past (and from your comments a company that many of you love!)  Can you guess who it is?

[Disclosure:  I have received free product for review from the Silikids company.  I am in no way required to give a positive review and all opinions are my own.]

Have you guessed who it is yet?  Did you guess...


You might remember my earlier review of the Reusable Snack Bags, Silispoons, and the very popular Silimap.  At the time they were just getting ready to release their new items and I couldn't wait to try them out!

This company is super cool because they make all silicone products.  Why is that cool?  Because silicone is safer than plastic (silicone is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and does not promote bacteria growth), is dishwasher safe and can be drawn on by little ones and is LESS WASTE!  Having products that can be used over and over again means that less trash is going into landfills.  It's even better than recycling- it's reusable!

So what are these new products I keep talking about?

{Sorry for the not-so-great photo.  I was so excited to open these up I didn't realize how bad the lighting was!}

These cups really threw me for a loop when I opened up the package.  They look like solid cups but still felt heavier than I expected.  Turns out they are made with 100% silicone and have a stainless steel ring at the top which helps them keep their shape.  Because of these two factors, they are sturdy enough to stand alone but are soft enough that they have a little "give".  In our home that is super helpful because we have a toddler who is learning to use "big boy cups".  Having a cup that is movable helps him get a better grip which means... more using big cups which means... my baby is growing up too fast! *tears, tears*

Bonus use:  These cups are the perfect size for holding snacks on the go!  The stainless steel ring on the top makes it easy for my little guy to hold onto while he explores his world.

These are my favorite part of the new set and definitely the most-used Silikids product I've tried.  Most used by my son?  No... most used by me!  It's true- these products aren't just for kids and have turned out to be an awesome addition to my travels.  These thin, flexible tops stretch to fit over any cup you already own, turning a regular cup into a spill-proof one! *love it*  I may or may not occasionally frequently spill drinks in the car.  It drives my husband bonkers.  He may end up being happier about these than I am!

I can't wait to use these during summer picnics outside. Going to a carry in?  Just toss one of these bad boys into your bag to catch any spills (and keep bugs out) of your drink!

At first I was excited to try these because my son always wants to drink from our glasses when we go out to eat, because as I mentioned earlier- he's a "big kid" now.  I figured I could pop one of these on our glass and he would be good to go.  Turns out he has way more fun pulling the straw out instead.  This is a problem any time we use cups with straws (like to-go cups) but maybe Silikids will come up with some sort of "stopper" to keep it from being able to be pulled out.  That's my only problem with this set of new products but it happens to us with all straws (from any company).  Silikids is so innovative though, I wouldn't be surprised if they came up with a solution for this soon!

Want to see it in action?  I put the lids to the test to see if they would keep my tea from spilling all over my son's coloring book.

Here's a closer look at how the lid catches the liquid.  Now eventually (especially if going slow like I was) some liquid will come out the straw.  However, just imagine the mess that cup of tea would have made if the universal straw top wasn't on.  This thin piece of silicone is going to save our house (and car... and desk...and booth at a restaurant...) from so many messes!

You've heard me say before that I love anything that is dishwasher safe.  All Silikids products are dishwasher safe but I especially like how these lids fit perfectly onto the little prongs.  They stay put and get clean without me having to do any of the work.  Which, let's admit is the greatest gift of all.

3. Siliskin Reusable Silicone Straws

These straws are perfect to have if you have the universal top.  The universal top comes with 1 straw included but a pack  of these comes with 6 straws  in 3 different sizes.  Have you ever purchased a fountain drink from a gas station and then went to grab a straw only to find out that the straw just barely sticks above the lid? (Do I sound annoyed?  I may know from experience.)  Now you can put the lid on any cup and not have to worry about the straw reaching.

Bonus use:  Teething babes love chewing on silicone (most teething necklaces and toys are made from it).  Silicone straws are perfect for this and more.  Plus- as I mentioned above, it's safe and durable so you can rest easy and let them chew away!

Want to try them yourself? 
Click the widget below (remember: 2 are mandatory but once you do those it unlocks ways to earn over 7 more entries!) and enter to win packs of ALL THREE products (that's 2 cups, 3 lids and 6 straws!)  Good luck!

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