Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DIY carpet sample rug (with step-by-step tutorial)

I have been itching to do a craft like this for some time now (I feel like I'm always saying that but it's always true.  I just want to craft ALL. THE. TIME.)  You know when you first have a baby and you think you are going to have all this free time to craft?  Haha... yea, that never happens now.  My toddler has recently learned how to get himself onto all surfaces of the house so I spend most of my days in a delicate balance between wanting him to explore his world and trying to keep him from killing himself.  It's super fun (it's hard to tell online but I actually mean that... most days.)

{Hint, Hint: He loves it so much already he dumped all of his toys on top & is playing on it}

Right now we have toys scattered across the house but as soon as it gets warmer, this mama is turning our enclosed front porch into a PLAY ROOM (whoo-hoo!)  It's going to be a gathering place for all the large toys, noisy toys and toys that we can just shut the door and not have to clean up every day (did you know we got our son over 1000 playpen balls for Christmas?  Mmm hmm, yep.  We are that crazy.)

You might remember me mentioning in my first post about my son's nursery that I haven't had the chance to decorate most of our house because my husband already had it fully furnished/decorated when we got married.  Because of this, I take advantage of any opportunity I can to decorate a room with a theme I love.  I've decided to go with a sort of camping/hiking/adventure/exploring theme for the play room.  I wanted something that was fun and appropriate for children without looking like a pre-school with shapes and primary colors.

That's one of my favorite quotes and a sort of inspiration for the playroom theme.  Love it too?  Click the links below to download a free printable or digital version for yourself!

Click here for the 5x7 size

Click here for the 8x10 size!

I have big plans for this room.  My first craft- a small rug for just inside the door (or maybe to set shoes on?)  Wherever it goes, it will be great!  At first I was going to do something like "B is for Bear" but then my love for hiking kicked it and I realized this is what needed to be done...

So cute and so easy to do.  Here's the step by step:

STEP 1: Obtain a carpet sample.

Head to your local carpet store.  Check out their stash of retired rug samples.  They are surprisingly cheap.  Ours run between $0.50-$1.00 depending on the size.  I recommend getting a short shag for this project since you are painting a design on it.

{My son really liked the longer shag so we got that too (it's $1 why not?!) for another use}

STEP 2: Cut out a stencil.

I designed the trail sign in Silhouette Studio myself, but you could use a pre-made design or even a stencil from the craft store.  I definitely recommend using something "sticky" though so the paint does not bleed under the stencil (even short shag carpet has dimension so it wont lie entirely flat unless it sticks).

Step 2 (cont.)
Here's a little trick to help your vinyl stick even better!  Take a blow dryer to the vinyl once it's on the carpet.  As it warms up, press down on the vinyl.  The vinyl will sort of "melt" onto the carpet and create a tight seal to prevent the paint from bleeding.  Don't worry, this doesn't make it any harder to take off later!

STEP 3: Paint!

Once the stencil is in place, paint the carpet!  I like to use foam brushes and dab the paint onto the carpet.  It doesn't really matter how you get the paint on though (as long as you aren't brushing it under the stencil) so do what you feel comfortable doing.

Let dry...

...remove the stencil...

...and viola!  You have a lovely carpet for your front door, play room, mud room, or wherever!  I have grand plans on another design for one just inside our front door.  These are so easy and fun- why not make more?

{You'r Turn!}
What design would you put on yours?  Are you more classic (like your family name), silly (like a sarcastic comment or quote) or would you follow a theme like I did?

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann