Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fun, New & Easy Baby Shower Activities that Both Mom & Guests Will Love!

Spring is here and that means the flowers are budding, baby animals are being born and yes- baby showers.  Uh... that's human baby showers.  I've been a part of many of these over the last few years (3 of my own) and we are having one for my best friend this summer.  For those of you planning one as well, I've created a list of activities for you to incorporate into your next shower.

Here's the thing.  They aren't lame.  No standard, boring, play-at-every-shower-even-though-no one-likes-it games.  Nope.  None of that nonsense here.

Instead, these are "crafty" activities (that can be done by even the least crafty of people) that are both fun for the guests and provide the mom-to-be and baby with treasured keepsakes.

I wrote this post as a guest blogger for Angelcare, so head over to their blog The Peaceful Parent to read all about the ideas and how to execute them in your next baby shower! (Psst... I'm only showing 2 of the 4 ideas in the picture below.  You have to read the post to find out the others. And trust me... you want to!)

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  1. I love designing onesies at Baby Showers. It's so fun!