Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hello my Friends

For those visiting the blog for the first time (or for those of you wondering where in the world I have been) here's the answer in 3 photos:

1. One very active and busy toddler.
2. One sweet little 4 month old.
3. One exciting and growing small business.

At least once a week (sometimes more) I long to blog.  It's that relaxing and rewarding thing that keeps me feeling like myself (that and scrapbooking!)  Some moms have to find time to exercise by themselves, some need time with adult friends... I just want to blog.  But blogging takes time.  It takes time to get craft supplies, come up with ideas, actually make the craft, edit photos and write a post.  And honestly- right now I just don't have that time.  So for the time being I've found other ways to try and relax that don't take up so much time. 

I also don't want to put blogging (which I make almost no income from) ahead of our business which I am working hard to grow.  I am passionate about both so the one that helps better the lives of my children is taking precedent.  And obviously it isn't coming before time with my children.

But I do miss you my friends.  I miss sharing my crafty adventures with you and hearing from you.  So... here's a peek into what's going on in our business right now.  It's not a DIY tutorial or some clever decorating idea but it is a peek into my life and for those of you who care- I still want to hear from you.  Feel free to tell me what you love (what you hate) and what you'd like to see.  Feel free to share any parenting tips for mom-ing with two or share your favorite summer fun ideas for kids.  I promise... I'm coming back to blogging but until then- let's stay friends.

So here's what we've been working on recently:

First up- Barefoot sandals and matching headbands.

We LOVE barefoot sandals because taking shoes on and off a non-walking infant every diaper change is ridiculous.  Plus... they are just totally cute.  See them in our Etsy shop.

Next up- Bows, Bows, Bows.

 Get them here

We sell sets of 3 coordinating bows that will match a variety of outfits and styles.  Every bow is on a nylon headband which fits size newborn-adult (really!)

We also have a felt flower collection as well...

get them here

We're super into these now that we have a little girl to dress up.  She seems to like it though...

I love all the textures in our bow collections and we think you will too (here's a good time to let me know your opinions!)

And last but not least:  Mommy & Me shirts!

All designs are available in black or white shirts (and you can get more than one toddler/kids shirt if you want).  #funnycauseitstrue am I right?  You can see the deets on them in our etsy shop as well.

If you don't already follow us on facebook or Instagram, you really should.  I share all sorts of adorable pictures of the kids and who doesn't love cute kiddos?

Seriously though.

Anyways, sorry for no crafty stuff today but I'd still love to hear from you.  Whether it's input about our products or advice on the parenting part of my life- I want to hear from you.  Here on the blog, via facebook or Instagram- let's chat!

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