Friday, August 24, 2018

SOHO "Kenneth" Diaper Bag Review + Giveaway

As many parents do, I have been on a several year hunt for the best baby products. I try out all kinds of items- some winners, some losers. One area that I've personally struggled in finding that "perfect fit" has been in a good diaper bag.  I know- it seems silly but unless you are head over heels over your current one (or if you are currently expecting and in the hunt- congratulations!) then hear me out.

Here's what I've always struggled with:
1- Size. Why are diaper bags so freakin' huge?
2- Zipper/Closure. I didn't think this was going to be an issue. It is.
3- Pockets/Storage. Limited pockets means everything is thrown on top of everything else.

I was introduced to this company and had to try it out. And you guys- I. Am. Hooked. It's my favorite. Let me show you why and oh... I'll be giving one away too!

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given free product from Soho Babies for an honest review of their product. All opinions are my own and I only positively review products that I personally love. Giveaway item is sponsored by Soho Babies and will be shipped directly from them to the winner.]

I'm going to get real with y'all. In the last 3.5 years I have used around 6 different "diaper bags". I discussed my issues with them above and I'll mention specifically why it was a problem and why this diaper bag solves all those problems. Did I mention it's also crazy affordable and comes in different colors? 

Issue #1- Size.
The classic "diaper bag" is gigantic. I have no idea why. I think because as new parents we all think that every single baby item we own needs to fit inside of it? Because that's exactly what I did. If I have a huge bag, I'm going to fill it. It's the law of big bags (okay, I just made that up but it really does happen!) I had 2 large diaper bags in my rotation and eventually replaced them with a small women's bag I already owned because carrying a large one everywhere was just unrealistic. 

I'll get into why that bag was a dud in the next point. This bag is the perfect size because it's got room for everything you'd need but it's a much smaller "backpack" style bag that's easy to carry and doesn't take up much space on your person, in the car, restaurant booth, etc.

Because it's a backpack, that also makes it HANDS FREE! I don't know why I never tried a backpack before but y'all it's the way to go. Especially if you have multiple kids and need both hands in a parking lot or busy store...

Or if you just want to use your hands for other things...

[Photo credit to my 3.5 year old son. Also- I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever actually used the phrase "FTW" (for the win). I try to be cool- ha!]

Issue #2- Zipper/Closure.
After realizing small bags were the way to go, I started using random bags I already owned. Purse style bags, tote bags, even reusable shopping bags! These had two problems: First, they had limited or no pockets (I'll get to that next) and Secondly, everything would fall out when the bag tipped over. Which was all the time. Everytime we got out of the car, the contents of my "diaper bag" would be spilled out. Not to mention all the times it gets knocked over when we are out and about.

I needed some closure. (hehe, get it?). When we traveled on airplanes I packed my large diaper bag because it had a zipper but well, again- big bags are no fun.

The Kenneth bag (the style I own) has multiple zippers as well as a large back "pocket" and 2 cup/bottle sized pockets on the outside to keep everything from falling out. The inside has multiple compartments that close up as well. Check out my facebook page to see a video of me emptying out our bag (to be posted Sunday, 8/26/18) to see all these pockets in action AND earn an extra giveaway entry!

It even has a snap that keeps the handle straps together and tidy. I like the look of it closed but it's also handy to have the straps already together if you are going to be picking it up/carrying it by the handles.

Issue #3- Pockets/Storage.
I touched on this already but the Soho Kenneth bag has a ton of awesome pockets. Not only are many of them zipper closed, others have elastic to keep the items firmly in place and there are even two thermal insulated pockets. You heard me right. That means those bottles stay cooler (or warmer) for longer.

I love these pockets located on the outside of the bag. Because of their elastic opening, they fit a variety of bottle sizes, all the way up to our favorite water bottles! (This is a big deal because these bottles don't fit anywhere- even in our nice car seat cup holders)

[See it peeking out there? I still can't believe it actually fits!]

Oh, and trust me on this whole pocket thing. I loved the small size of the bag I was using just prior to this review but it had no inside pockets. Here's the very raw honest look at how it was put together.  What a mess! Nothing had it's place and I had to dig around for everything.

Bonus Features:
Here are a few things this bag has that I didn't even know I needed but I love!

When you buy the diaper bag, you also get a cushioned changing pad, 2 stroller straps, a personal purse, and a compact diaper bag dispenser with 30 bags included.

[1-diaper bag. 2- changing pad. 3- purse. 4- plastic bag dispenser.]

The changing pad folds up to 1/8 of it's size and fits easily in an inside pocket. I like to use the personal purse to store a pack of wipes and 1-2 diapers plus some money in the front pocket for short term times when I won't need the other items.  I also didn't think I would probably ever use the plastic bags but I clipped it on my bag anyways.  Turns out, when we went to the (very muddy) park and the kids covered themselves in water and mud, those little plastic bags saved us by giving me a place to store all of their soiled clothes and shoes for the ride home.

They also work great for storing used diapers when you don't have a place to throw them away and don't want to risk them busting open in your diaper bag!

We never use a stroller anymore because my kids are only interested in walking (or occasionally being held) so I also thought I wouldn't have any use for the stroller straps. But again, they were already on the bag so I left them there. Turns out, they work awesome on shopping carts as well! I loved having the bag right in front of me to grab things out of but not tossed into the cart being sat on by the kids and buried under merchandise!

I'll admit, our bag was pretty loaded full this day and it was HEAVY. I thought the straps might not hold but even with just one it didn't fall! The Velcro was surprisingly strong.

These can be removed by the clip if you want but they aren't at all in the way so I just leave them there all the time.

Last but not least, these bags look nice. They have a lovely quilted pattern on the front and the straps, fabric and zippers are all very nice material.  They come in 3 colors: Tiffany Blue, Black and Gray. I almost got the Tiffany Blue because it is beautiful but opted for a more neutral color, thinking my husband might be more likely to use it if it was.

I was right...

I also need to point out that my husband is very picky when it comes to any kind of product. He believes in buying nice (i.e. often expensive) products because he believes they are simply better quality.  When my order arrived and we opened it, my husband surprisingly said "this is the one you're reviewing? Wow... this is really nice."  He then continued looking it over and repeated how nice it was.

This is extra funny to those who know him personally. Want to know the kicker? This diaper bag costs 3x less (THREE TIMES LESS!) than the regular backpack he bought to have for his coaching/teaching job. I swear to y'all this is true and I really think he might steal it to use himself!

This is a brand for parents, by parents and they make high quality items at a very reasonable price because we all know, we don't have a bunch of extra money to spend! Even if I hadn't received this item for review, I would definitively purchase it at retail value. This diaper bag is perfect for new parents, parents of toddlers, preschoolers and I'll be honest.. I'll probably keep on using it for myself when the kids no longer need me to carry around their stuff!

I know you want one now, don't you? How about I give one away? Just follow the rafflecopter widget below and complete the tasks to enter! Contest is open to US residents only. Contest ends 8/31/18 at 12:00AM EST    

***Make sure you're following Cut, Craft, Create on facebook because I'll be posting a few "bonus" entry options throughout the week!***

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  1. Most excited about having both hands for my 2 boys & / or groceries and still be able to b ring all i need with me :)

  2. I tried a backpack diaper bag before but it was HUGE! It worked well for my husband who is very tall— but I looked like a preschooler wearing it. (A very chubby preschooler, but a short preschooler none-the-less!) I love that this bag looks more compact and organizable!

  3. I love the backpack design and all the zippered pockets.I need a better bag the tote type bag I use now leaves much to be desired.

  4. lol love this backpack, was looking into buying one, we have a regular diaper bag, but after going to the comic con i realized a backpack one would have been more useful! Would love to win, but i'm sure Alexa will win she's won everything so far. lol!

  5. Bought a large shoulder diaper bag with the first kid and quickly realized how much backpack diaper bags are a necessity!

  6. I love that i found carry my little and not have a diaper bag falling off constantly

  7. I like the hanging clips, backpack capability, and the capacity.

  8. I love that the bag will hang and not fall off while holding a lot of stuff!

  9. It’s a toss up between size and backpack feature!! Seriously why are Diaper bags so big?! I just had baby number 7 and still don’t need to carry around a luggage bag! Ha!!!

  10. This looks like the ideal size. I too hate super huge diaper bags. Also zipper closure is a must! Also my husband and kids both love backpacks so I’m sure no one would have a problem helping me carry this!

  11. Great bag! I love that it is hands-free so you can carry your little one with ease!

  12. This definitely does look like an awesome backpack diaper bag, I saw the most gigantic one the other day and thought, why!!!

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