Thursday, August 9, 2018

Pretend Play Seasoning Salt

Okay, truth time. I am ALL ABOUT "Imaginative Play".  Pretend Play, kids using their minds to create scenarios and to act out situations ranging from the everyday "mundane" to the mythical and previously unconsidered.  In our home we do a lot of this. One of the most popular spots for play is our Play Kitchen (which my husband made himself. Check out the post!). My children love to help in the "real" kitchen and so in their play kitchen they can do it all and more because well, no actual hot stoves.

A while back I had started saving empty containers of different kitchen items so that the kids could have their own play version that looked exactly like ours. I forgot about this one until I went to cook pork chops the other day and the kids wanted to help season it. They were so into it that I went searching for the empty container I had and well, the rest is history...

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Y'all, I can not get over how stinking cute this is. I'll even tell you how to make it not messy if you want ;)

It's simple to make and took me about 5 minutes total (really).

First, you need to gather materials:

- classic soft felt (snag a few 9x12 sized pieces in the craft area of your local craft store)
Fabric Scissors
- an empty (and washed clean!) Seasoned Salt Shaker

Next, cut some thin strips from each of your colors. It doesn't take much at all so don't go crazy cutting or you'll end up with a bunch extra!

From there, cut the strips into tiny little square pieces. Don't worry about making them perfect, just cut them small. If you want them to actually come out of the "shaker holes" make sure you cut them small enough for that. I cut ours just big enough that they come out the bigger "tab" opening but not the shaker holes. (because my 1 year old would go NUTS with that!)

You can choose any combination of colors, these were just some I had on hand from past projects and I thought they looked nice together like a bunch of different spices. That red felt is my favorite and actually has some black specks in it. I've used it to make strips of bacon and pasta sauce for pretend play as well. It's so cool!

Before putting them in the container, mix up the different colors to give it that mixed spices appearance.

[Yes, that's a tiny play pot. It's from our Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans set which is one of my FAVORITE toys we own!]

All that's left to do is to put your little pieces inside the empty shaker container. (Don't forget to put the shaker top back on if you don't want it spilling out everywhere). I had a great little helper:

...and PLAY!

My kiddos have definitely upped their culinary game with this easy DIY. They love being like mom & dad and I love that they are able to create even more detailed imaginative play scenarios in their play kitchen.


For less than $2.00 (assuming you aren't buying the seasoning salt just for this!) and about 5 minutes of your time, this DIY is a definite win-win! Who else's kids would totally flip over this adorable play kitchen ingredient?

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