Thursday, August 2, 2018

Super Easy Pressed Flower Pendant

Last week on my facebook page I shared a photo of a quick DIY that I was experimenting with and I had a request to blog about how I did it. I wasn't originally planning on posting a tutorial so I am missing some photos but it's so easy you won't need them anyways.

Here is the photo I shared of my DIY pressed flower necklace:

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What you'll need:

- fresh flowers (teeny tiny ones or small leaves/petals)
- a heavy book
ICE Resin Plunger
Blank Bezel Pendants (these are similar to the ones I use)

How to do it:

First you need to find the perfect flowers, pick them and press them. HERE is a really good basic guide on the different ways to dry/preserve a flower.

These were my little wildflowers that I picked. I did not need to cut the stems, water them, etc because they were already so tiny. I just "popped" the head off of about half a dozen of them.

First I tried the pressing between a book technique... (here's how they looked before being pressed flat) A bible with some other books stacked on top of it works great for this if you aren't afraid of accidentally getting it wet/messy. Mine stayed dry.

After about 2 days I was getting impatient so I decided to try the "ironing" technique. I picked a few more flowers and gave it a shot.

It did not turn out well..

So because I'm impatient, I checked on my book pressed flowers and to my surprise they were completely dried already! I'm guessing the week+ time frame was for much thicker flowers.

Next you mix your ice resin per the instructions (roughly 2 minutes of mixing, let sit 5 minutes). After it's ready put a thin layer of resin inside of your bezel piece and very gently place your dried flower on top of it. Press down so that it's flat against the bottom of the bezel.  After the flower is in place, carefully fill the rest of it with resin so that it surrounds the flower on all sides and on top.  Pop any air bubbles you might have and wipe off any excess that may be on the edge (it should "dome" by itself pretty easily just don't overfill it)

Let dry overnight or per the resin instructions.  I actually put two flowers in mine (one on top of another) in an effort to make the white petals show up a little better. You can tell if you are looking for it but its unnoticeable to anyone quickly glancing at it.

I chose these flowers because 1- they are just so tiny and cute and 2- while playing outside the other day I made my kids these "wildflower crowns" and it just made my heart so happy that I wanted a piece of that memory with me to stay.

That's it. After the resin is fully set up, string your pendant over a chain and enjoy!

Want to share your DIY with others? Just join my facebook page and every Saturday I drop a post where you can share pictures, tutorials and even your own blog posts from the week for everyone to see!  I'd love to see some of your flower jewelry creations on there soon too!

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