Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Rustic Gift Wrapping

One of my favorite things about Christmas is wrapping Christmas presents.  The shopping itself sort of stresses me out, but the wrapping is like a mini vacation where my creativity is allowed to roam free as I load up each box with ribbons, bows and other assorted goodies.  As you may have been able to guess, I am loving all the rustic themed gift bags this year.  My mama, being the creative genius that she is, came up with the idea for this adorable wrapping paper.  I made my first batch of it today and got some wrapping done for my husband:

All you need to make this wrapping paper is:
{1} Packaging paper.  This can be found at stores like Big Lots or the Dollar General.
{2} A Christmas stamp & ink.  The idea for this wrapping paper actually formed because we bought this stamp.  Michael's had a BIG sale going on and we got this huge stamp for a little over a dollar!
{3} Versa Mark, embossing powder & an embossing gun.

{How to Make it}

All you do is stamp your image all over the paper.  Make sure to leave a spot or two for your embossed image.

{stamp, stamp, stamp}

Next, emboss your image into it's spot:
{I LOVE embossing, it looks so neat!  For those of you who don't know how: simply stamp as you normally would but use Versa Mark instead of an ink pad.  Then cover in embossing powder, remove the excess powder & emboss with your heat gun}

To finish up, wrap your package in your new paper and complete with some fun and rustic toppers.

...Like twine and baker's twine!

{love this}

...for a little extra something, add a small bird or other adornment to the top of your gift.

{I love having this little bird on here, but my husband hates glitter (and the bird is covered in it), so I figured I should probably save it for another time}

{More of a gift bag type?}
The same tecnique can be done to make your own gift bags:

{Check out the red & green mixed embossing.  Pretty neat huh?}

{Your Turn!}
Whether you love the rustic look or know someone who does, these gift wrapping ideas are sure to be a hit!  I can't wait to make more and I can't wait to hear about any that you have made as well.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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