Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to Create Treat Bags from Ordinary, Every Day Supplies (no fancy cutting machines or expensive tools required!)

Be Warned: I am feeling chatty this morning, so please excuse my wordy post!  Some of what I say is important though, so please read through it!

I know I have said this in my last several posts, but can you believe how close it is to Christmas?  Wow, it really snuck up on me this year.  I can't wait to just relax and enjoy time with my family.

But first, I wanted to show you a little something that I made for some of my husband's students at school.  For his helpers and kids that are in his work out group after school, he wanted to have a little treat to celebrate Christmas break.  He said it was perfectly fine to simply throw the puppy chow into a ziplock bag and be on his way... come on crafters, you know this is not how it went at all!  I decided to make a nice little top piece for the bag to give it just a little extra something that a clear plastic bag cannot offer.

The only problem was that I decided to do this later in the evening, away from mom's Silhouette machine (which I am always borrowing!), away from most of my scrapbook papers, fancy scissors, anything!  But after I started working on this, I thought it might be important to share how projects like this CAN be done without all those fancy scrapbooking and crafting supplies.  Many times, blogs will share their projects that are done with tools that a beginning crafter may not have (I know that I do) and that might be discouraging.  Today, I am here to show you all that no matter what level of crafter you are, you can create some really cute projects!

{But First: A few important things I need to tell you}

{1} I will NOT be posting at all next week.  That means that Monday (Dec. 24) and Thursday (Dec. 27) there will be no new updates on this blog.  I hate doing that for fear that some of you may get out of routine and forget about me, but this time is about family and I plan to use any time off as time for them.  My next post then will be on Tuesday, January 1.

{2} You might have just noticed that I said my next post would be Tuesday, January 1 and not Monday (my normal posting day).  That is because I will be participating in a BLOG HOP with Every Day is an Occasion, Ribbons & Glue, The Hunny Pot, A Mermaid's Crafts, A Piece of Life's Pie, Quick Chick Designs, Court's Craft Corner and My Paper Love!  It is going to be an awesome start to the new year with so many talented people. PLEASE stop by to not only visit me but to visit these other blogs as well.  We are each making a craft with something new we got for Christmas.  The variety is endless, so you are bound to find something that you love!

{Now onto the real reason you are here}
Sorry to take care of business first, but it had to be done. 

These treat bags are easy to make, even with the simplest of crafting tools. All I used was:

-Regular Scissors
-Baker's Twine
-Hole Punch
-Pen or Marker

First, cut the background paper into rectangles large enough to fold in half over the top of the ziplock bag.  Next, find a contrasting paper to use for the round piece.  Using items around your house, find a circle shape that will fit nicely on your rectangle (I traced the bottom of a toothpick holder!)

To get the designed edges on my circle, I simply drew it out on the back of the paper then {very carefully} cut it out.

Write your message on the small paper and glue the paper pieces together.  Then, align the paper over the bag so that it is positioned where you want it to be.  Punch 2 holes into the folded paper and the plastic bag.  I could not even find a regular hole punch so I used our 3-hole punch (hey, it worked!).

Finish it off by running some baker's twine through the holes from the back to front of the bag.  I like this look better than stapling, but it is up to you.

  {Your Turn}
What a simple way to turn a nice gesture into something extra special.  The best part is, this can be done with ordinary, every day items.  I love that because it really does mean that anyone can be creative (something I truly believe) without having to go out and buy all new supplies.

Wishing you all the best for the Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) season and the upcoming New Year.  Enjoy this time with your family and friends and I will see you again soon!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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  1. Oh you crafters... just can't leave a plain bag alone, can ya? Oh wait, I'm part of that group too ;)

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