Monday, January 14, 2013

Free "I promise to" Printables (Blank copy included!)

How was everyone's weekend?  I was lucky enough to have Saturday night off of work so me and my husband went on a date.  Then Sunday we spent the day cleaning the house and enjoying each others company.  It sounds funny, but it is beautiful weekends like this that make me fall more in love with him.  I got to thinking about our wedding vows, which led me to thinking about all the little promises that most of us don't actually recite at our wedding ceremony but do in fact practice in the day to day.  That is why I created a short set of "I promise to" printables for you all to have.  Some are funny, some are sweet and I bet at least some of them apply to you!

All of these printables will have the same background image, so that if you choose, several can be placed together as a set.  I will also include a BLANK copy so that you can write whatever you want inside!

I got the background paper from (it's in the "Celeste Knight" bundle in the freebies section) and did the rest myself.  Feel free to print or share any images but please link back to this website if you do!  All images should print 5x7.

{Funny Ones}
{okay ladies, we all know men looooove to have the remote for some reason}

 {this one is a promise made by the guys.  luckily my husband has always been good about this}

 {keep your loved ones warm!}

{my husband loves to drive and I love to be driven.  we're a perfect match}

{Sweet Ones}
 {it's the little things}

 {...and never go to sleep without saying "I love you"}

{this one is easy because my husband is hilarious!}
{get it here}

{Some More...}

 {doing this with a brownie is maybe the highest proof of my love}

 {actually, my husband is a chocolate milk guy- he does this for me though!}

{tyler does this for me every single day.  chivalry at it's finest}

{this one is sort of in our vows... this is just more laid back wording}

{Make Your Own!}
{what special thing do you and yours share?  make your own with this blank template!}

I love these little reminders on how special the "little things" are.  I am feeling really blessed to have a husband whom I get to experience all of these things with and who sticks with me... even though I occasionally steal the covers in my sleep.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann 

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