Monday, January 21, 2013

I got crafty at CRAFT for a cause

Hey everyone!  This weekend I participated in an a fundraising event called CRAFT for a cause.  This event was thought up and organized entirely by my friend Jill from Every Day is an Occasion and raises money to help donate AED's to local schools, churches, groups and invididuals. Do you remember Jill?  She is the same one who organized the Ring in the New Year Blog Hop that I was a part of.  This girl is seriously busy and crazy talented!  Don't forget to head over to her blog and learn more about CRAFT for a Cause (and to be introduced to her craftiness!)

I LOVE the idea of crafting for a good cause, so I couldn't miss this opportunity!  I also wanted to share what we made at this event and to brag on my creative and kindhearted friend a little more.  I am sure she is blushing reading this right now.  Please note that the idea for these crafts were entirely Jill's... I just made them and took some pictures!

Everyone made three items: a double sided magnet board, a mini album with box and conversation chocolate kisses.  Love it, how cute and YUM!

{Double Sided Magnet Board}
How darling is this?  We Mod Podged paper onto both sides of a magnetic board, making a craft that is twice as nice!  The buttons and the bow are attached to magnets, so that they can be moved around the board.  With just a few simple pieces, this craft has a ton of looks and even more uses (I can see my husband turning this into a grocery list board!)  She even gave us a stand for it.

Want to see Jill's board?  Check it out here.  I love the paper she used on hers- too cute!

{Mini Album with Box}
What a cute Valentine idea for your sweetheart!  We were given a box to decorate however we wanted and then given this little "book" to turn into a book of love coupons (or anything else that we desired).  Although I love the "book of love coupons" title, I couldn't resist writing a "love you" with buttons on the front!  Inside, I included some of the pre-made tickets that Jill printed (like the romantic dinner for 2) but also made a few of my own from her blank template (like the free pass on dog duties).  We have a crazy dog, but I am sure that your sweetheart would appreciate a break from the kids too! 

What is extra neat about this little book is that each "page" is an envelope for us to include gift certificates that correlate to the ticket (i.e. a gift card to his favorite restaurant in with the "romantic dinner" ticket).  Clever, isn't she?

Jill made a brag book out of hers.  It is really cute (and so are her kids)!  Go check it out here.

{Conversation Chocolate Kisses}
I was drawn in by the chocolate, but she hooked me with the cuteness of this craft!  Here, we decorated 'tubes' and folded in the ends to store the candy.  She even gave us stickers to write our own messages on the bottoms of the kisses.  Simple as that- but really cute, right?  I especially love the way she mixed together papers in our kits.  I am loving those blue dots and pastel florals, aren't you?

Check out Jill's here

{Your Turn}
Which craft is your favorite?  Do you think you would have liked participating in such a neat charity event?  Maybe next time she does it, we can double the crowd!  If you still haven't gone over to Every Day is an Occasion, head over there now and give her some blog love for all her hard work.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann


  1. Looks like you had a great time and made some very fun projects!!

  2. Very Beautiful projects!!
    Have a Wonderful Monday,

  3. Kelsie, not only did you come to Craft for a cause but you wrote a post too! You are so sweet! Thank you so much for coming and yes I was blushing! You are the best! I'm so lucky to have you as my friend! SMiles, Jill

    1. Your gift for this needs to be shared Jill! Happy to be there :)

      Kelsie Ann