Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hand Stitched Love & Burlap {DIY Shirt}

It's not even the middle of January yet and everywhere I look there are signs of Valentine's Day.  Colors of red, pink and white are flooding retail stores and images of hearts are stamped across Pinterest.  I have never been much of a Valentine's Day person.  I have no real problem with the day but I don't get excited about it either (crazy, right?)  I do however love the colors; and I am always a fan of hearts!  The problem is, because I don't care for it in the sense of the holiday, I don't want to cover my home in Valentine's decorations.  Halloween- okay, Christmas- of course, Valentine's- probably not.  I can however, satisfy my need for this look with clothing that I could wear any time of year!

I LOVE this shirt (pun most definitely intended!) It is easy to make and uses only TWO extra materials:

You will need:
- 1 shirt
- Burlap, cut into a heart
- DMC thread

I attached the burlap to the shirt using heat n bond and reinforced it with a few simple stitches along the edge.  For the "Love", I hand sewed using a needle and a full string batch of DMC thread (I kept it thick so it would show up better).  The more "hand written" the love looks, the better!

{Your Turn}
We all know that I LOVE burlap, but what about you?  Are you a fan of the "rustic" look of the burlap heart and handwritten love or would you have chosen a different pattern?  I have a new favorite shirt right now and because it simply says "love", I can wear it year round!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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