Monday, March 18, 2013

Day Five of "I could make that!" March!

Hello again and welcome to Day FIVE of "I could make that!" March!  Each time I go to write what day we are on, I am more and more shocked on how quickly this month is going!  We're halfway through March already- can you believe it?!  Are you ready for today's post?

I put my own spin on this DIY shorts idea that was found on Pinterest.  For starters, I made the shorts by cutting up an old favorite pair of jeans that I couldn't let myself part with (even though they had a huge tear down the front).  I also added a few more "patches".  Let's take a look:

{The Inspiration Pin}


{My Version} 
First, I cut my pants into shorts, making them long enough to cuff at the bottom. Since one leg already had a big rip in it, I put another hole on the other side as well (this helped them to flare out a little too).
Just like the pin that inspired me, I covered one whole side of the shorts with fabric. This was sort of an excuse to finally buy that dainty vintage floral print fabric I've been eying.
{I cut the edges with pinking shears but I might go back with a straight edge and trim closer to the seam}

After that, I went my own way and added a few more touches.  Since I made a cut in the other leg, I needed a patch to cover it up.  Here I took the floral print fabric and covered it with some lace.  It's a heart!  I loooooove hearts!

{As you may or may not have noticed, I made a big mistake here.  I didn't allow for my cuff!  On the other side I can still cuff up the fabric, if I do that on this side, half my heart goes missing!  Oops}

Learn from my mistakes.

Lastly, I covered one of the back pockets with lace.

 {Seriously, I've had way too many pictures of my butt on here lately}

{My Thoughts}
So far, this project has given me the most problems. First, I tried to cut fabric for the front before sewing it on... that was cut wrong. Then I left the whole lot of fabric on and cut after I sewed along each edge. That proved difficult. Since I was not trying it on along the progress, I forgot to cuff the pants and thus, need to re-do my heart! I do love the fabric though and you can never go wrong with lace!
{Your Turn}
I think my days of hand sewing these projects (I was on vacation- no sewing machine!) have made me appreciate my clothing a little more. ha!  Are any of you working on clothing items as well?  Have you had any "oops" moments like I just had?  If so, let's hear about them!  This is a place to laugh and learn so feel free to join in!

Also- don't forget that Wednesday, March 20th we will be participating in a SPRING BLOG HOP!  That means no Thursday clothing post, but instead a fun new spring craft instead.  You wont want to miss it!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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  1. Cute shorts. Wishing I could sew.

    1. Thanks L.B. I bet you could make these. I hand sewed them and although it's more time consuming, you don't have to know nearly as much!

      Kelsie Ann