Monday, March 11, 2013

Day Three {"I could make that!" March}

Hello from the beautiful beaches of the Gulf shore!  It's spring break for me and I am enjoying every minute of it.  Of course, part of that enjoyment includes making some new outfits for "I could make that!" March.  This time, I made a super easy maxi skirt!

This can be made by even the most beginner seamstress.  It is an easy elastic waistband with a detached band which gives it a more "finished" look.  Come learn how:

{The Inspiration Pin}
Even though I have been wanting to make this skirt for YEARS (really, I have owned this fabric specifically for a maxi skirt) I was pushed to create by this monthly challenge and the following pins:




Okay, I couldn't pick just one.  I really love maxi skirts and dresses.

{How to Make it}
It's easy and quick!  First, pick a fabric that you love.  I suggest using knit.  
You don't need to use a pattern.  Simply wrap the fabric loosely around your body and measure.  Don't worry about making it tight at your waist, so allow for the widest part of your body plus room to move. 
Mark your fabric with some pins or use a ruler to cut a straight line in your fabric.  Don't worry about the length right now so just keep it as long as your fabric is naturally (just make sure that it is at least floor length)
Next, pin the "height" edges together with your fabric right sides together and sew a seam.  I sew at 5/8 inch, but 1/2 is also acceptable.

Next, measure your waist at the point that you want the skirt to hit.  Cut a piece of elastic to that length.  Fold down the top of your skirt a little bit larger than your piece of elastic (this will be the area where the elastic slides through) and sew along the very edge.  Make sure to keep the end open so that you can insert your elastic!

(sorry for an absence of pictures here- if you have questions, I'll make some)

Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and run it through your newly made fabric casing.  When you get it through, remove the safety pin, sew up the opening in your fabric and sew a stitch to keep the elastic in place.  This isn't necessary but helps to keep the elastic from twisting around.

Lastly, hem the dress.

 If you've got as much extra as I did, cut it down to just a few inches longer than you want it to be.  Then, hem the ends.

For the detachable band, cut a long strip from along the "height" side of your extra fabric.  Sew (right sides together), flip right side out and then close off the ends.  I stitched three lines on each end of my band, simply for decorative purposes.  After that, simply tie it around your waist into a bow, a knot or whatever!

{The wind was blowing, so it's hard to see how "flowey" the skirt is.  Love that color though!}

{Your Turn!}
I added the detachable band so that it looked more finished than elastic, plus I will be able to tie it in a bow or wrap it twice around, both options looks great!  What do you think?  Can you believe how easy this skirt is? 
How is everyone's progress on their own "I could make that" projects?  Update me!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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  1. This is so cute and I think I can and will mke matching ones for me and peyton thanks kelsie

    Love Jennifer

    1. Good luck- post pictures you cute girls!

      Love you!
      Kelsie Ann