Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day Seven of "I could make that!" March {Guest Project}

Today is the last day of "I could make that!" March and we've got a treat for you.  There is a young woman who I used to work with named Shana.  I never knew she liked to craft and I certainly never knew that she was a blogger!  One day at work we got on the topic and an instant craft bond was formed!  Recently, her daughter Rylie turned three, so this crafty mama got to work making a whole set of Disney Princess costumes for her!

The Little Mermaid

{A sneak preview of the cuteness- see her blog for more!}

I am so impressed by this outfit.  I love the colors, the sequined sash, everything!  It is so perfect for a mermaid costume and Rylie looks like a princess!

Shana tells how she came about wanting to make these outfits (hint: she thought to herself "I could make that!") and tells how to make them as well.  Check out the full post at her website The Queen of Crafts.  While you are there, follow her page and give her some blog love!

{Your Turn}

What did you think of "I could make that!" March? Did you play along? I really do want to hear about your projects so tell me about them or better yet, link them up in the comments. I would love to check them out.

Don't forget to visit Shana for the full project how-to and more!  And for heaven's sakes, give the girl some blog love...she deserves it after making all those dresses!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann


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