Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Decorating Tip #5 {Vintage Clothesline Frame}

Welcome back friends!  For those of you who are new to Cut, Craft, Create- thanks for joining me!  Besides a few breaks for giveaways (because, how fun is giving away awesome stuff?!), I have spent each week of 2016 thus far showing off details from my son's nursery.  I hope these tips and tricks have inspired you not only to create a precious nursery but to use the ideas throughout your home.

If you have missed it so far, catch up on tips 12,3 and 4 by clicking the links.

This week I wanted to show off one of my favorite elements from the nursery.  It is so simple to do but makes a huge statement!

Seriously, you need 4 items (and they are so easy to get!)
- Large Frame
- Twine
- Clothespins
- Romper/Onesie/ Dress, etc.

Funny story about the frame.  My husband was cleaning out one of our buildings that is full of junk from the previous owners.  I happened to walk past the truck and see this BEAUTIFUL frame tossed into the truck bed.  Not only was it a big frame but it is such a pretty off white/ivory color (it's hard to see in these photos because the lighting in the nursery is poor) and is naturally distressed.  My husband thought it looked like it needed cleaned up, I thought it was perfect.

All I had to do was grab some twine, tie it to the frame (nothing fancy, look closely, you can see it wrapped around the frame!) and voila!

When I first hung this up, I wasn't sure what outfit was going to hang in it.  I thought maybe the hospital outfit or one of his first little onesies.  However, at the baby shower my mom hosted, I met this handmade Peter Rabbit romper and it was love at first sight!  My mom purchased it from etsy for my son to wear and never thought it would become a staple in the nursery decor. (Because it's a non stretchy material and my son has one giant head, he never actually fit into it. *boo hoo hoo*  By the time he was tall enough his head was too big.  I think it would probably  have fit a more "average" sized baby.  The seller offered to return it but I love it hanging!)  I'm just glad we were able to display it this way so that such a beautiful piece was used in one way or another.

{Photo from my baby shower.  My mom made that personalized onesie and bib!}

Finish by hanging your outfit up using a couple clothespins.  You can buy a whole pack of them for $1 at the dollar store.  I painted these green to match the nursery decor.

{Loving this romper?  Head over to Cornflower Creations on etsy to see all of her designs for purchase.}

Want to make some super cute decorative clothespins out of the blank dollar store ones?  Check out this post from our wedding!

I positioned this lovely piece of artwork above the changing station (check back in future weeks for a tutorial on how to make your own!) and it's perfect!  Because of it's large frame it draws your attention and takes up a good amount of wall space.  However, because it doesn't weigh much, I feel comfortable hanging it above something that my baby is laying on!

There you have it.  Told you it was simple... and oh so lovely.  I only wish the photos did that old frame justice!

This would be a great decorating idea for another child's room or a "man-cave" (think favorite player's jersey!) as well as any other themed nursery.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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