Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby Shower Fun!

If you follow us on facebook, you've seen me talk about my cousin's upcoming baby shower.  Well, it happened this weekend and I have to say it went pretty well.  This was the first shower and definitely the first baby shower I have ever planned so I was a little nervous.  I had some great help though (Amanda's best friend planned it with me and my mom was a huge help!) and it was lovely.  So, I wanted to share it with you!

Let's start with the centerpieces.  Until the night before the shower I still wasn't entirely sure what I wanted done with the centerpieces, so I bought some flowers and some paper and went home to fiddle around for a few hours.  I LOVE what came out of it:

I wish the picture did it justice.  The colors for the shower were orange, green and brown.  The glass bottle addition was a last thought and I am crazy about it.

Pinwheels are so whimsical by themselves, but when you add the paper straws- perfect!

To keep on that sort of fun, whimsical look we used straws on the food table, pendant banners on the table (and yes pendant banners on the invitation too)

We also had matching signs in orange & green that were placed at the head of each activity table:

One for the cake table, and one for the food table:

Another one for the front/welcome table:

Since this shower included the gender reveal, my cousin made up black bow ties and purple hair bows for people to wear as they "cast their vote"  The white board on the left lists wives tales and if Amanda is "boy" or "girl" on each of them.

 Since I knew the gender, I obviously had to wear no bows or two... so of course I went with two!

There was also a sign at the gift table:

The giraffe was a gift from my mom.  Amanda LOVES giraffes and my mom knew she would love this gift.

...and she did.  She was finished off with a jungle themed bow & a handmade gift tag.

Lastly, we had signs for the favors:

Amanda actually made these favors herself.  They are "baby scented" candles in little blue pails with the name & date of baby Korby's expected arrival!  Really cute huh?

Throughout the shower, everyone was told to take care of their egg "baby".  Others could steal their egg if they lost it, left it behind, mistreated it, etc.  Inside two of the eggs were miniature versions of the black bow tie and the purple hair bow.  Whoever got these two eggs won the prize of getting to pull the gender reveal pinata and reveal the surprise!

Army men, black bow ties and blue everywhere... yep, it's a boy!

Another event we had going on throughout the shower was the onesie decorating station.  Me and Emily (the friend planning it with me) were super excited for this and kept urging people to go make some onesies!

We had a table all lined up with onesies sizes 0-18 months, fabric crayons, fabric pens, fabric markers, stencils, paint, stamps, iron ons... anything you could need!

Our cousin Lorelei spent a LONG time making this giraffe, so I had to give her props on here.  Look how cute he is though!  My mom made the fish one.  Clever, isn't it?  Check out the tag in the right corner.  Kraft Paper and a lovely "Handmade with love by" stamp allowed everyone to leave another special gift for Amanda and baby Korby.

Everyone had a lot of fun.  Our littlest guest was having a ball and made both of the onesies in the top right corner.  My aunt made that adorable whale on the bottom and Amanda loved it!  Perfect touch with the water Benita!

We also played a chugging game.  That's right.  A room full of adults chugging/sucking on small baby bottles.  I will spare them by not posting pictures (unless I get a lot of people ask for them!) but I will show the winners of this game.  They all got big baby bottle trophies.

I'm not sure if I should be proud or concerned that the winners were all members of my family and not distant family, the three I spend the most time with.  Isn't there a saying about the company you keep?!  That's my mom, my aunt Cheryl and her daughter, my cousin Lorelei.

Another game we had was a baby food tasting.  Luckily I was hosting so did not have to participate.  I had to show you this picture of Amanda's dad's answer sheet:

The funniest part isn't that he filled it with words like "poo" or "vile" but that right in the middle of his disgusting list is #2 "Applesauce".  We also found him puncturing holes in his baby bottle during the chugging race.  He's the soon-to-be grandpa though, so I guess we will let it slide.

All in all, everyone seemed to have a blast.  Thanks Emily for being such a good sport with all this crazy planning (we never once actually saw each other before this event took place)!

That's her being a goof. 

Also, thanks mom for helping out with so much too.  For helping set up and for dealing with my anal indecisive shopping trips!  You're the best.

Lastly, thanks Amanda for coming up and for being such a doll with everything.  We can't wait to meet BK!

{That's It}
This was a full post with lots of pictures (I really trimmed it down too!) but I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the special touches that we put into this shower. Hopefully they will inspire you next time you find yourself searching for ideas! Have a great week & don't forget... giveaway on Thursday!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann


  1. What fun!! Love the bottle awards!!

    1. Thanks! I need to steal them back to get a picture of the bottles themselves! haha

      Kelsie Ann

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  4. This is just soo cool and all the ideas were so fresh and new! LOVE