Monday, April 22, 2013

Paper Flowers to Show You Care {+ Giveaway Winner}

It's Monday (boo) but I'm awake and my husband is home from his weekend away (yay!).  My mother-in-law won a very big award this weekend and although I was unable to go, the rest of the family went to Colorado to attend the ceremony.  The only other person who had to miss was my grandmother-in-law (is that a word?) because she had rotator cuff surgery a few days prior.  From what I hear that is pretty serious business.  Even though she's a toughie, I wanted to send her a simple card saying "recover quickly and know that we're thinking of you".

If you haven't noticed, I'm pretty excited for spring/summer and all the flower-ey goodness that comes from it.  This card is super easy to make and takes no time at all.

First  you will want to add a stamp to the corner of the card.  Yes, you want to do this first because (if you're like me) you just might get some extra ink to the side that needs to be covered by flowers!

For the flowers, simply punch out paper pieces from a standard paper punch.  Then with your hands, push up the corners of the petals.  They will stay popped up without any glue or spray.

I found that thinner paper (like the pink) works better than the heavier cardstock (the yellow and green) because it leaves less of a crease on the paper.  However, once it is all together it is hard to notice the details.

They can be attached any way you choose.  I used E-6000 because it's strong and I could use a tiny dab of it.

Don't you love these dainty flowers?  I just kept adding more and more- loving that "full field of flowers" look!

{That's It!}
If you've been following for long, you know that I dabble in cardmaking but have trouble with it more than most other crafts. I do like this technique however, because it's easy to do and makes such a bold statement. I hope she liked it too!

Speaking of flowers and summertime, ready to hear who the winner of our Summer Love Giveaway was? Just to recap: the winner will be receiving flower seeds to plant at home, free shipping coupons to both Handmade Creations by Julie and Origami Owl, a set of red and white paper straws for summertime BBQ's, blank wooded clothespins with rub-ons and a few fun summer shades of DMC thread.

And the winner is......


You'll be getting a message soon about receiving your package.

Thanks again to everyone who played along! You're all the best, really. Especially GENY who is the only one to do an entry all 5 ways! We may have to think up an extra prize for you just for being such a good sport.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann