Tuesday, April 2, 2013

T-Shirt Makeover

Apparently I can not get my mind off of making clothes lately, because here I have gone and done it again.  Before you toss me into a "Making Clothes-aholics Anonymous" meeting allow me to explain myself.  During "I could make that!" March I had planned on making one of those workout shirts from an old t-shirt that you see all over pinterest.  That project seemed to slip through the cracks until the other day when a dear friend of mine (shout out to Geny!) sent me some pictures from when she tried it.  They turned out great... I had to try! So here is what I came up with:

I love the fit of this.  My husband bought a button up shirt recently and this plain white tee came with it.  He has specific white pocket tees that he buys (a story for another time), so he gave me this one to keep.  I like my shirts long, so when I cut the bottom of this shirt, I kept the front and back long and notched it up at the sides.

The sides were still a bit baggy, so instead of tying the straps together at the top, I tied them together farther down my back which pulled the sides in for a more fitted look.  Does that make sense?  Here, look at some pictures:

{I added a little blue heart to the strap to pull it all together... plus I just love hearts!}

Since the shirt was plain white, I added my own design to the front.

I chose "BE LOVE" because I wanted the emphasis to be not on the action, but on the noun.  Right now, people are arguing about politics, religion and the like.  We keep talking about what we need to BE DOING and I think we need to look at it as WHO we need to BE.  Let's set aside our differences and stop trying to find a solution that is out of strategy and instead find one that comes from inside.  People keep saying they want to be like Jesus.. well then, BE LOVE!  Maybe that is just me, but it's my shirt and I like it (I say in a matter of fact, crossed arm, childlike way)

To make this design, follow the same directions that were given in my "cheat version" screen printing post.  I used the bright yellow vinyl because I figured it was a color that I wont often use.  However, I've got to say... it does look kind of neat.  Is that the 80's coming out in me?

Thanks Geny for inspiring me to make my own!  I will fess up and say that I will probably not be working out in it (yes, it's true... I am skimpy on the exercise)  but it's so cute I could wear it anytime!

{Your Turn}
How many of you have tried this t-shirt cutting project?  If you haven't, I recommend it!  Check out pinterest for a slew of posts on how-to.  No pattern is needed and it takes minutes to make.  Don't forget to check out my "cheat version" screen printing post if you want to make your own design (it only takes minutes too!)

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann


  1. Now that is C.U.T.E! I couldn't pull it off but you sure did. Holly :-)

    1. Thanks Holly! There's nothing I do better than steal my husband's clothes and make them my own ;) ha!

      Kelsie Ann